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Top 10 FAQ’s About Call Tracking from 800response

Businesses use call tracking solutions to optimize their marketing strategies, improve the customer experience, and increase their bottom lines. However, many business owners and marketers don’t know how to use call tracking to its full advantage. In fact, we often get questions about our call tracking solution – from how it works to how to use it effectively.

So if you’re curious about our call tracking solution and how it can benefit your business, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are the top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about call tracking from 800response.

1. Do call tracking numbers provide caller information?

Yes! Call tracking numbers provide access to a wealth of information on every inbound call. Caller location, call duration, time of the call, caller addresses and demographics, and which ad campaign prompted the call are just some of the data points you can access through one of our tracking numbers.

2. How do I access the caller data?

You can view caller data in any one of our 20 user-friendly reports, each designed to present the specific metrics that matter to you. And you can easily filter and export your call tracking data for more efficient analysis.

3. How will call tracking impact my marketing strategies?

Our call tracking reports provide you with valuable information to improve your marketing efforts. You can track which advertisements brought a specific caller, which ones brought in the most calls, as well as how each campaign performed overall. With call tracking, it’s clear which marketing strategies are the most effective and which ones need improvement.

4. How can I attract the right callers with call tracking?

By reviewing specific call metrics (e.g. call duration, location, etc.), you can see which inbound calls yielded the best results. This helps determine how to formulate advertising tactics that bring in qualified leads.

5. Can I record calls with a call tracking number?

Yes, and you should! Call recording is standard practice in a customer-centric market. Additionally, automated call monitoring is the most cost-efficient way to ensure that your employees provide callers with an exceptional experience. Plus, you can review 100% of your calls with our call transcriptions for a more effective reviewing process.

6. How does call tracking improve the caller experience?

When you take advantage of our call monitoring tools, you can train employees to create a better caller experience based on call monitoring reports. You also have access to our caller demographic reports (including the more detailed Consumer Profiles), which help define your ideal customer. From there, you can tailor your customer service tactics and training to provide a better experience for callers.

7. Can I route callers based on location?

Absolutely! You can route calls by area code, zip code, or even by the caller’s physical location when using our advanced geo-based routing, which is ideal for businesses with multiple locations. In addition, routing callers to the nearest location is very handy for cell phone users.

8. Can I also use a local tracking number?

Of course! If you have an existing local phone number that’s already familiar to your customers, you can port your business number to receive the call tracking benefits of a toll-free tracking number with 800response.*

9. Can I integrate call tracking data with my CRM?

Certainly! With our convenient CRM integration, you can easily feed your caller data and call recordings into almost any CRM for easy review and analysis. This provides the flexibility to view and analyze your data with your specific business goals in mind.

10. How do I measure marketing ROI with call tracking?

When your call tracking data is integrated with your CRM, you can monitor the performance of your ad campaigns in terms of generating leads and new revenue. This helps determine which marketing strategies provide the best ROI. You can also use any of our detailed tracking reports to estimate the ROI of a vanity tracking number.

Final Thoughts on Call Tracking

No matter what your business goals are, every business wants more leads and more sales. That’s why we make it easy to use local and toll-free call tracking numbers in both digital and traditional advertising. We also make it easy to track and manage your leads and acquire the information you need to ensure every campaign is a success.

We provide custom packages for your lead generation, call tracking, and customer experience needs. Request your custom quote today!

Have more questions? Schedule some time with one of our call tracking specialists to discuss all the benefits of our solution, and what it can do for your business.

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*Please note that porting local numbers has certain requirements. Contact us to discuss your local number porting options.

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