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Best Local Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses

Your small business is important to you and important to your community. Effectively bridging the gap between the two can help both your business and your community grow. However, that’s not always easy to do with so many advertising options out there. Learn more about some of the best local advertising strategies for small business to start your growth today!

Setting Your Goals & Your Budget

Before you jump into any tactics, you must first set a goal and set a budget. Without a goal, you will never know where your efforts are going to. Try setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, time-bound). These goals give you not only a measure to strive for, but accountability. You will also want to hold yourself accountable to a budget. Pairing each goal with a budget will help you understand your return on investment and if that goal is truly working.

After setting your goals, you should take time to:

  • Set up key local listings online – The world is more connected than ever, and search engines are continually serving the local market. By having a strong Google My Business profile, Facebook page, Yelp listing and any other relevant local web space, you allow your community to search for and find you.
  • Pick One Social Media Channel & Run With It – Managing a business, especially at the local level, requires a large time investment. Trying to run too many social media channels can clog up your day and de-rail important tasks. To start, pick an important channel to your type of business and maximize your value. You can always add in more channels and link them later.
  • Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized for SEO – Even small local businesses need a website in today’s world. Many user-friendly platforms offer SEO within their content management system. Take advantage of their offerings while you’re working on other priorities.
  • Set Up an Email Campaign – Try collecting your customers’ emails through your point of sales system, rewards programs, membership cards, or other non-invasive ways. Use that list to update customers on new products, promotions, or news to keep your business top of mind!
  • Listen to Your Customers – Now that you have your customers listening to you in their inboxes, return the favor! Send them a survey to learn what they like about you and what could be better. Get to know the voice of your customers through a speech analytics solution. Take your results with a grain of salt and adapt to your customers’ needs.
  • Online Advertising – Test the waters with online advertising to keep your business top of mind for customers. Once they visit your website, you can utilize remarketing techniques to bring them back in your doors.
  • Set up a Vanity Phone Number – Who remembers phone numbers anymore? Could you tell us your spouses phone number without reaching in your pocket the check your phone? The truth is, the days of little black books and memorizing numbers are gone. To stick in your customer’s mind (and phone), set up a vanity number they cannot forget.

Want More Advice? Get in Touch With Us Today!

The small business world is growing more and more every day, which is why it’s important to know the best local advertising strategies. From online platforms that cater to home sellers and local markets constantly expanding, it’s tough to get ahead. However, if you start simple, you can maximize your visibility and grow your business and community.

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