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Boost Your Call Marketing With Personalized Emails

Despite all the advances in technology that enable businesses to send personalized emails that are meaningful to their recipients, less than half of consumers claim to receive emails from retailers that are relevant to their lives. You read that right — less than 50 percent of shoppers say they get emails from retailers that directly relate to their wants and needs.

If you’re not sending personalized emails to your customers and prospects, you could be missing out. Generic email blasts often result in high unsubscribe rates, which will dramatically diminish your list of email recipients over time. Personalized emails convert consumers more successfully, which means you could be losing sales by sending generic emails instead of personalized messages.

While that’s all well and good, you may be struggling to see the connection between emails and your call marketing. By sending highly personalized emails, you can motivate people to call your business to get more information about a product or service. You may even convince them to call your company to purchase a product or service you featured in an email. You can also use personalized emails as a potential conversion channel that supports your call marketing.

Tips to Boost Call Marketing Campaigns

If you recognize the potential personalized emails have to boost call marketing campaigns, you’re probably eager to make the emails your company sends out more personal. Here are some tips you can use to expand your call marketing with personalized emails:

  • Regardless of the template you use for the emails you send, be sure you include a plain text version of your messages. Doing this will reduce the chances that your messages will end up in your recipients’ spam folders.
  • Integrate your email, call, and digital marketing campaigns into a single platform so you can coordinate your activities easily and seamlessly.
  • Start your email campaign by offering something of value for free, such as an e-book or an exclusive discount. It’s critical that you gain your recipients’ trust before you start trying to get them to make a purchase.
  • Use your emails to remind people they already trust your brand enough to have at least considered making a purchase on your website in the past. You can remind them that they still have items in their abandoned shopping cart, or that a back-ordered product they looked at previously is now in stock, for example.
  • Don’t limit your email campaign to the emails you send. Investigate the possibility of including your company’s ads in relevant emails sent to consumers by other organizations.
  • Use internal and external data-gathering tools to get information that you can use to make your communications even more personal and relevant to your email recipients.

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