The Best Ways To Integrate Digital & Traditional Marketing

Integrating Digital & Traditional Marketing

Today, many marketing consultants are eager to tell business owners like you all about the long list of benefits digital marketing can provide. They’ll brag about the success of their custom pay-per-click campaigns and their ability to engage customers on social media platforms. Some may also talk about an interactive infographic they made that increased awareness of one of their client’s brands. To put it simply – if it has anything to do with marketing online, a digital marketer will want to sing its praises.

While that’s the case in many instances, it’s essential for you to avoid getting caught up in the “mania” that currently surrounds digital marketing. Although there is no doubt digital marketing should be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy, it’s not always right to make it the sole basis of your overall strategy in most cases. It can often carry high costs and results are not always clear. While some metrics are highly measurable, brand awareness is not easy to gauge.

Pay-per-click can produce fast results but leaves the vulnerability of click fraud. Finding a well-managed campaign and trusted consultant is essential for digital strategies but still leaves a gap in your overall marketing strategy. A more sensible, and quite possibly more lucrative, approach is to combine digital and traditional marketing to promote your business.

Stop and think about the last time you bought something online. Did you see a television commercial for the product on television or hear its name mentioned in a radio ad and then look it up online? If so, your actions were a great example of why integrating digital and traditional marketing techniques is essential. Customers react to different marketing channels at various points of the buying cycle. Quite often, their response to one channel leads them to another channel, ideally one that moves them to the next phase in the sales funnel.

The Combination Can Be Powerful

When you combine digital and traditional marketing, the result can be impressive. Imagine coming up with a commercial for a kids’ toy that has a catchy tune, plenty of colors and images of children having a blast playing with your product. While parents may want to turn the volume down and change the channel, your ad is sure to mesmerize any kid who wants your toy.

When you combine your television commercial with a pay-per-click ad, you have one avenue to market to children and a second to reel in parents. While your television commercial will get kids interested in your product, your PPC campaign will entice parents to purchase the toy you’re selling for their children, if only to get them to stop asking for it.

Take Control of Your Branding With a Custom Phone Number

Even though you may create different ads for different members of your target audience, it’s crucial that you keep your branding consistent in both your digital and conventional advertisements. Your brand identity won’t change just because you use both digital and traditional marketing, after all. So, be sure you use the same logo, design and voice across all your marketing channels, so your brand is instantly recognizable in every ad and on every marketing platform.

One way you can make your brand easily recognizable and memorable is to get a vanity toll-free phone number. Custom 800 numbers that aren’t entirely numeric increase response rates by 25 to 50 percent compared to all-numeric phone numbers. With 65 percent of businesses saying they feel inbound phone leads are more valuable than those generated online, having a custom 800 phone number can take your marketing efforts to the next level of success.

To find a vanity phone number for your business, search the 800response directory! You can also contact us directly to request a custom quote.