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Get the Most Out of Your Website Phone Number

Your company’s website is almost done — finally! Granted, your company currently consists of you and just two or three employees, one of whom is your best friend from college, but you know your website will give off the impression that your business is much, much bigger.

Having invested a big chunk of your startup budget in your website, you expect it to do everything you hoped for and more. You’re happy with the overall design, but you still have one more decision to make — do you or do you not put your phone number on your website?

On the one hand, you don’t want to be hounded with phone calls when you introduce new products or have a special event or promotion. You also don’t want to have to invest in staffing a call center or outsourcing.

On the other hand, your phone number is a valuable asset that may provide some meaningful benefits if you make it available to the people who visit your website. Is putting your number on your site one of the ways you can get the most out of your website phone number?

To Reap Benefits, Optimize Your Website Phone Numbers

As it turns out, you must optimize your website phone numbers to get the most out of them. To optimize your phone number, it’s imperative for you to put it on your website.

Approximately 65 percent of businesses consider inbound phone leads more valuable than leads that come from digital sources. With incoming calls being more valuable than those produced by the Internet, why would you risk missing out on them by keeping your phone number a secret?

In addition to producing higher quality leads, the presence of a phone number on your website builds trust with your audience. Even if your website’s visitors never use your phone number, they’ll know you’re accessible if they encounter a problem or have a question. This assurance will inspire your visitors to have confidence in your website and motivate them to trust your brand.

Where to Put Your Number on Your Website

You have plenty of options when it comes to figuring out where to place your phone number on your website. From headers to footers, pop-ups, dedicated contact pages, and more, there isn’t a shortage of places for you to list your phone number on your website.

No matter where you end up listing your phone number, the key is to make sure your visitors can find it easily. You should also incorporate your phone number in your web design in a manner that’s in keeping with your overall branding.

Get a Vanity Phone Number from 800response

If you’re going to put your phone number on your website, why not get a toll-free vanity phone number? Vanity phone numbers provide even more benefits than all-numeric numbers. Custom phone numbers have a 75 percent average higher recall rate than all-numeric phone numbers, for example. They also generate 25 to 50 percent higher response rates than advertising campaigns that have all-numeric phone numbers.

When you get a vanity toll-free number from 800response, you’ll enjoy another significant benefit — access to call tracking data that can help you make more informed business decisions. To find a custom phone number for your website, contact 800response today.

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