Where Should You Be Tracking Calls From?

Where Should You Be Tracking Calls From? Everywhere!

If you’re a business owner, you may wonder where you should be tracking calls from. The answer is everywhere! While you may think that’s overkill, it isn’t. If an advertisement has your phone number in it, you should track its performance in as much detail as possible when it comes to generating inbound calls to your business.

How Tracking Calls Can Help You Make Better Decisions

If you don’t use call tracking channels to measure how effective your ads are at generating calls into your business, there’s no way to know what kind of return you’re getting on your investment in those ads. To know your ROI, you must keep tabs on what’s motivating people to contact your organization.
Imagine this scenario: You run a health club, and the number of people who joined your gym surged right around the time you placed an ad in your local paper and leased a billboard to promote your location. Without any data to support your supposition, you assume the increased interest in your health club is the result of your newly implemented marketing messages.

Now, it’s time for you to renew your ad and lease that billboard again, but you’re short on funds because you decided to open a second location to accommodate even more gym members. You realize you can only afford to run the ad in the newspaper or lease the billboard. How will you be able to decide between your two options if you haven’t tracked calls and you don’t know which medium is responsible for generating the most interest? What if you make the wrong choice and can no longer afford to operate both of your locations because people stop joining?

By using call tracking channels, you wouldn’t have to worry about making the wrong decision because you’d have statistics to tell you which choice to make. You also wouldn’t have to be concerned about putting your business at risk because you’d be prepared to spend your money on ads that have proven they’re useful.

What to Use Call Tracking For

While we said it before, it’s worth repeating — if something has your phone number in it, you should track its performance. Is your phone number on your website? If so, track the number of calls it generates. Do you include your phone number in your emails? Track them.

From the banners on your website and the emblems in your store to your billboard ads, print advertisements, radio spots and television commercials, every single thing that makes your company’s phone number available to the public needs to be tracked — period.

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Tracking calls may seem intimidating, especially if you use your phone number in a wide array of ads and on many different platforms — but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we make it easy to track your calls by offering an excellent selection of call tracking channels with our local and toll-free vanity numbers. More specifically, you’ll have access to a suite of 18 call tracking reports that include specific metrics you can review to analyze key performance indicators like call volumes for particular ads.

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