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Bring Your Vanity Number Print Campaigns to Social Media

Your marketing department may have spent a lot of time (and money) creating a print campaign for your company. With plans to run print advertisements and mail postcards, you are hoping that there is a decent ROI on the project to compensate for the amount of effort put into the campaign.

You even took an extra step of getting a toll-free vanity phone number to include in the campaign to get new customers to call in and connect with your business.

These advertising assets can easily be adapted to be shared on social media, which can help to get a little more bang for your buck on the cost of the print campaign featuring your vanity number. Here are two different ways you can integrate your print campaigns with your social media efforts.


Say your company had a postcard or mailer designed for a print campaign. It’s flashy, attention getting, and features a new vanity phone number to get customers to call in. You can take the same promotion and adapt it for Facebook. If you have access to the design file of the postcard, you’re all set. Export the postcard as an image (usually a JPEG file) and then upload to your company’s Facebook page.

In addition to adding the postcard directly to your Facebook Timeline, you can add text to the post and even a link to your homepage or to a page on your website that is specific to the promotion you are running. Posts in Facebook with images (or videos) show up more prominently on Facebook and are more likely to be shared as opposed to a strictly text update.


Twitter is a very popular social platform for businesses as it allows for quick and easy engagement with customers and potential customers. Often users will follow companies to take advantage of any social promotions, view news updates, or to leave a comment or a critique of a product or service. Your print campaign can get some extra mileage in Twitter as well. Using the same approach for Facebook, take the design image as a photo file and upload directly to your Twitter account.

Prior to end of 2013, anytime a Twitter user uploaded an image, it would show up as a clickable link in the Tweet. However, Twitter changed their platform in October 2013 to include pictures right in the Twitter feed. This means that any time a person, company, or brand adds a photo to a Tweet; it will show up right in a user’s Twitter feed. Sharing your print campaign via Twitter expands the campaign’s reach beyond the geographic area you sent the mailers to. Plus the imagery helps the Tweet to stand out amongst the many textual Tweets in the Twitterverse.

Take your print campaigns one step further by sharing them across your social networks. With just a few little tweaks, you can adapt your print campaigns and distribute them across a variety of communication channels.