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4 Ways Call Tracking Numbers Save Money for Businesses

Call tracking numbers are easy to acquire and ideal for tracking the success of your advertising campaigns. Let’s say you already have some call tracking phone numbers, and you have strategically placed them in your various ads. Great!

Now what? Now you learn how to use them to your advantage. Here are a few simple ways to leverage call tracking numbers to boost sales and save your business money.

Call tracking numbers should always come with services that optimize your numbers. For instance, many call tracking vendors will provide you with basic caller details, such as name, address, and average household income (based on caller’s market area/area code). You can also get more detailed caller demographics like homeownership, marital status, and more with consumer profiles. … Read more » 

Discover the True Value of a Call Tracking Solution

There are so many options when it comes to contacting a business these days, but most businesses view an incoming phone call as the most valuable lead source.  This is because a phone conversation is the most direct path to a sale, as it means the caller is showing real interest in a product or service, and an agent has the opportunity to establish and build a solid relationship.  And inbound phone calls increase by 25-50% when businesses use a memorable vanity number as their call-to-action, rather than a local or numeric toll-free number…. Read more » 

Making Your Business Into a Brand

You’ve done it. You started your own business, and it’s thriving. But if you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, that’s not enough. Now, it’s time to transition your small or medium-sized business into a full-fledged brand. Having a brand will make it easier for your business to compete with established competitors regardless of their size. It will also lend credibility to your organization and position your company for future growth.

Here are some tips that can help you turn your business into a successful brand that’s widely recognized:… Read more » 

Boost Your Call Marketing With Personalized Emails

Despite all the advances in technology that enable businesses to send personalized emails that are meaningful to their recipients, less than half of consumers claim to receive emails from retailers that are relevant to their lives. You read that right — less than 50 percent of shoppers say they get emails from retailers that directly relate to their wants and needs.

If you’re not sending personalized emails to your customers and prospects, you could be missing out. Generic email blasts often result in high unsubscribe rates, which will dramatically diminish your list of email recipients over time. Personalized emails convert consumers more successfully, which means you could be losing sales by sending generic emails instead of personalized messages…. Read more » 

Get the Most Out of Your Website Phone Number

Your company’s website is almost done — finally! Granted, your company currently consists of you and just two or three employees, one of whom is your best friend from college, but you know your website will give off the impression that your business is much, much bigger.

On the one hand, you don’t want to be hounded with phone calls when you introduce new products or have a special event or promotion. You also don’t want to have to invest in staffing a call center or outsourcing.Read more » 

Where Should You Be Tracking Calls From? Everywhere!

If you’re a business owner, you may wonder where you should be tracking calls from. The answer is everywhere! While you may think that’s overkill, it isn’t. If an advertisement has your phone number in it, you should track its performance in as much detail as possible when it comes to generating inbound calls to your business.

Now, it’s time for you to renew your ad and lease that billboard again, but you’re short on funds because you decided to open a second location to accommodate even more gym members. You realize you can only afford to run the ad in the newspaper or lease the billboard. How will you be able to decide between your two options if you haven’t tracked calls and you don’t know which medium is responsible for generating the most interest? What if you make the wrong choice and can no longer afford to operate both of your locations because people stop joining?Read more » 

Manage Your Entire Marketing Budget

With more and more people preferring to consume content online instead of through other resources like television, you may think it’s wise to manage your entire marketing budget in a way that allocates all your resources to digital marketing. While that may be tempting, it’s simply not a smart move for the majority of businesses.

People still watch television. Consumers still listen to the radio, too. A lot of shoppers still enjoy looking through newspapers and magazines, as well. While passengers may prefer to use their mobile devices when they’re traveling in a car, many drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists will still notice what’s on a billboard by the side of the road…. Read more » 

How to Leave an Engaging Voicemail

If you’re in sales, you probably do a lot of telemarketing. Of course, you probably end up leaving plenty of voicemails, too. If you don’t leave messages when you reach someone’s voicemail, you’re doing more than missing out on a possible return call — you’re also communicating that the reason you were calling isn’t very important.

Remember, even when someone doesn’t answer their phone, your phone number will still appear as a missed call. When the person you called sees your number pop up again later in the day, it’s likely they’ll assume you’re calling for no good reason. Then, instead of answering your call, they’ll send you directly to their voicemail because they’ll believe they’re not missing out on anything…. Read more » 

Reducing Stress in Small Business Processes

Whether you’re a solopreneur or your small business has several employees, you probably wear many hats. You market your business, resolve conflict, build relationships with clients and prospects, interact with vendors and make schedules. Oh, yeah! You have to sell your goods or services, too.

Even if you have someone to help you run your business, being an entrepreneur can be pretty stressful and put significant demands on your limited time. Luckily, there are a few things you can do if you’re interested in reducing stress in your small business processes…. Read more » 

Marketing Strategies for the Solo Startup

If you’re just starting out as a solopreneur, you’re in for a ride that may lead to financial freedom and plenty of flexibility. To be successful as a solopreneur, it’s vital for you to market yourself effectively. In today’s connected society, that usually means promoting yourself online on multiple channels and using some traditional marketing platforms.

While you may know marketing is crucial to your success, you may not be familiar with marketing strategies for the solo startup, and that’s okay. You can still engage in some solo startup marketing on- and offline without being a marketing expert.Read more »