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3 Benefits of Call Recording To Track Customer Experience

Call recording has become practically a staple in contact centers all over the country.  It’s virtually impossible nowadays to call a business and NOT hear the words, “This call may be recorded for quality purposes”.  If you have and are using call recording in your contact center, that’s great!  But are you taking advantage of all the means by which it can help you and your company?

Here are just a few ways in which call recording can give your company a real boost:

 …

Use Unforgettable Phone Numbers & TV Advertising To Reach Audiences

The day after Super Bowl LI, many people were talking. There was certainly discussion about the unprecedented game, with the New England Patriots making sports history by coming back from a 25 point deficit in the second half to win in OT against the Atlanta Falcons. Those who had decided to go to bed early were more than likely kicking themselves the next morning.

But there was something else people were talking about the next day (other than Brady’s missing game shirt); something that’s discussed after every Super Bowl, no matter the events of the game: The commercials. The commercials aired during the Super Bowl have evolved into an institution almost as well-known as the event, itself. Actually, it may have surpassed it.  Searching for “Super Bowl LI commercials” online can yield over 20 pages of results just in the following day!… Read more » 

Create Lead-Gen Radio Advertising with Vanity 800 Numbers

According to a recent study, radio advertising reaches 77% of adults daily[1], beating out the internet at 64%, and coming in second only to television, and radio advertising with vanity 800 numbers gets 14x more calls than ads with a numeric phone number.

A large part of this is due to radio being more available than the internet, with people being able to listen to the radio virtually anywhere they go, whether in the car, at work, outside, or at home. Most stations even offer streaming options via mobile devices. And with over 10,000 traditional radio stations in the United States alone, there is virtually something to appeal to everyone. No wonder radio boasts an audience of approximately 235 million each week[1]…. Read more » 

Downsides of Digital-Only Advertising Strategies vs. Traditional Advertising

As companies continue to look at trends and patterns to help them devise the most successful advertising strategies, an all too familiar song begins to play:

“Digital advertising is poised to overtake traditional advertising this year/Traditional advertising is obsolete and can’t compete with digital/If you’re still using traditional, you’re wasting your advertising budget!”

Catchy, huh?  It seems like we are constantly hearing about how traditional advertising is passé, and the only way to compete these days is to throw all your advertising dollars into digital. After all, who wants to be stuck in the past?… Read more » 

The Upsides of Print Advertising vs. Digital Advertising

These reasons are why smart advertisers know traditional advertising still holds a prominent place in their marketing strategies. And one form of traditional advertising that tends to get overlooked is print advertising. But print advertising can be quite effective, and offers some marked advantages over online advertising.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that amazing advancements of today’s online technology in the past ten years alone have provided some conveniences for people. From being able to book a flight on your phone, to checking to see exactly where the package you ordered is on its route, the digital age has helped to make so many things so much easier…. Read more » 

The Most Wonderful Time of Year for Television and Outdoor Advertising!

The holiday season is past us, but we wanted to reflect on how it all played out at the end of 2016 – how it impacted businesses and their advertising strategies and techniques.

From the store rushing crowds of Black Friday, to the frantic last-minute shoppers of December 24th, consumers were more prevalent than ever in Q4. And businesses took this shopping activity into account with their marketing strategies; knowing the holiday season is really the time to bring their A-game, companies found ways to do just that through the benefits of traditional television and outdoor advertising mediums…. Read more » 

Why You Need OOH Advertising In Your Advertising Strategy

Whether it’s commuting to and from work or school, going for a run, or just enjoying a lazy Sunday at a nearby park, virtually nobody stays inside their house all day. As a result, most people are exposed to Out of Home (OOH) advertising when they step outside. The average consumer is exposed to 19.6 hours of OOH advertising per week, 2nd only to TV[1], and 75% of consumers ages 18 and over are reached by OOH advertising each month[2]. And with studies showing people making a purchasing decision within 30 minutes of seeing an OOH ad, their effectiveness cannot be denied. So if you are wondering if you should add Out of Home advertising to your campaigns, consider these facts:… Read more » 

Advertising Strategies To Reach Spending Power of Generation X

As advertisers strive to discern the best advertising strategies to appeal to the generations of Millennials and Baby Boomers, they tend to forget about another generation: Generation X.  Born between 1965 and 1980, this generation should be a key target for advertisers.

Research shows Generation Xers have more spending power over other generations, and are responsible for 31% of consumer spending. They have also the highest median income when compared to Boomers and Millennials, with 96% reporting an average of $1,341 disposable income after bills and other necessities are paid…. Read more » 

Television Advertising Stands The Test of Time & Will Generate Leads

Like a street preacher warning others about the end of the world, marketers have been heralding the end times for television advertising for a while now, deeming it to be expensive and not targetable or measurable enough.  Not to mention the advancement of the internet age, which has seemingly pushed television to the background.  Just the mere knowledge that 1.1 million people cancelled their cable subscriptions in 2015[2] alone could be quite disheartening.  In fact, Saturday Night Live is planning to cut 30% of its TV ads and replace them with content produced by the show’s cast…. Read more » 

Make a Big Impact on a Small Budget with Radio Advertising!

With ad-free and digital radio becoming more and more popular, it may appear as though people are turning their backs (and ears) on traditional radio, which could impact how advertising plan their campaigns.

But according to a recent Nielsen study, an incredible 93% of adults in the United States still listen to traditional radio during the week[1], making it a prime marketing venue.  And when compared to other traditional media, radio advertising costs less, takes less time to produce, and can be modified more easily, all of which makes it perfect for local companies that may be working with  more limited funds…. Read more » 

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