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Expanded Inventory of Custom 800 Numbers

We recently expanded our inventory of powerful consumer response tools.  There are eight new Custom 800 numbers for you and your clients to feature in advertising campaigns:

Generate higher call volumes, more leads and more sales for your clients. Present them with one of these unique consumer response tools today!

Search our online directory for the best available vanity 800 numbers today for your clients’ campaigns in 2013!  Or contact us and an Account Manager will search our inventory for you!… Read more » 

Reasons Your Small Business Needs Call Recording

Call recording can be a useful business tool for many reasons. Although it is important that callers know their call is recorded and monitored, recording can offer several ways to improve the customer service experience.

Capturing Information

Call recording can allow you to collect information without asking a caller to repeat it multiple times. A recorded call can be passed along to another employee or administrator who is the most appropriate person to return the call, supporting an appropriate customer response. Also, recorded calls can allow follow-up. Lost leads can be regained, by accessing recorded return phone numbers or appropriate contact information and using it to discuss concerns with a potential client or customer.Read more »