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Vanity Telephone Numbers: Good Business

Why are vanity telephone numbers good business? Don’t rely on what we think, rely on what major marketing companies report.

Target Marketing advocates adopting a balanced marketing approach. In other words, don’t rely on the Internet, and don’t rely on the phone. the Internet is good for business and you need a working website. However, when Google changes are websites are rated, your business website could become less visible. You need a balance of two or three marketing approaches as a good business strategy…. Read more » 

6 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business

Have you been researching ways to boost sales, billings and profits?  Adding the most effective consumer response tool – an unforgettable toll-free vanity 800 number – to your advertising will get you there.  Here’s how…

A vanity 800 number will:

1. Encourage consumer action and reinforce your product/service…

Vanity Telephone Numbers: Call Us

Vanity telephone numbers are the easiest way to say “call us” and not expect the customer to remember a telephone number. Customers are more likely to remember a word as a number, than a list of numbers. Some research tells us that individuals can only remember a list of four numbers. That is one reason we have the dash in telephone numbers. It allows individuals to remember a number of blocks of numbers.

However, people remember words longer than four letters. So, if you make your telephone number 800 plus a seven letter word, the odds are much greater that people will remember. Not sure about that? Ask friends if they can remember a seven letter word or a seven digit number. You will find that research is right – people will remember the word better than the number…. Read more » 

Unique Ways To Use Call Monitoring In Business

In business, solutions to problems are a premium. Those who can come up with them are valuable to the organization as they paint the way to the future. One such solution to a multitude of issues is call monitoring.

Monitoring the business phone calls made by employees serves some obvious purposes, but there are others that you may not have thought of.

1. Looking For The Upsell

Telephone Calls Wins Over Alternate Channels for Consumer Preference

US consumers prefer to resolve their customers service issues using:

The need for a new toll-free prefix (844 to be released in December 2013), along with millions of toll-free phone numbers that are already in use, plus a more effective way to communicate with a person are just a few of the justifications that phone calls and talking on the phone is still the number one way consumers in the U.S. want to handle their affairs.

What are you waiting for?  Get a vanity 800 toll-free number for your business, use it in advertising, make it memorable and more people will call you, more often, and spend more money!… Read more » 

Toll-Free Vanity Numbers – A Great Branding Tool

I think every business owner would agree that branding is a very important part of a business marketing strategy. That’s why so much thought goes into the business name, company logo, and even the color scheme that’s used on the company website and other marketing media. The whole point is to create a business brand that is recognizable to as many people as possible.

What’s often overlooked in this equation is the company phone number – particularly the toll-free vanity number. Businesses that don’t have a toll-free vanity number are missing out on a huge branding opportunity. And this can even be true for local businesses…. Read more » 

844 Toll-free Phone Numbers to Be Released December 2013

Today, we now have five toll-free prefixes in order to accommodate the demand of toll-free numbers in the United States alone. Soon to come is the 844 toll-free prefix, which is set to be released by the SMS/800 on December 7, 2013.  This means the market will be plump with millions of newly available toll-free phone numbers.

Why is this good?  Because, we have depleted the resource of currently available toll-free numbers, and now advertising companies and marketers will have a new resource – 844 numbers that they can use in the advertising campaigns, DirectTV commercials, informercials, out of home (OOH) advertising, and more…. Read more » 

Improve Return On Investment Using the Phone

Recently, a Harvard Business Review site discussed the value of using a phone instead of relying on email. They stated:

“If you want to be innovative today, if you want to take a risk, if you want to exercise your courage, try calling someone with whom you have an issue to discuss…. Discover this remarkable device called the telephone. It will give you a serious competitive advantage.”Read more » 

Available Vanity 800 Numbers Offer Help for New-Struggling Businesses

Vanity numbers are very cool 800 phone numbers that are easy for your potential customers to remember. One of the most popular modern ones is 1-800-Flowers. Just think about that for a moment. How simple is that to remember? It’s a little unfortunate, but it’s likely simpler to remember than the occasion you need to buy last-minute flowers for.

In today’s hectic society, it’s true that we have volumes of information at our fingertips. However, it still takes longer to log into your Smartphone and search for a business website and phone number (even with one touch dialing), than it does to just remember a phone number like 1-800-Flowers, and dial it…. Read more » 

Speech Analytics Accentuates the Positive, Eliminates the Negative

In the words of Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers…”you gotta, accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.”  We’ll skip over the part where he sings “don’t mess with Mr. In Between” because when dealing with analysis of the conversations taking place between your employees and your customers, it is essential to mess with the in between as well, meaning all recorded phone calls.

Speech Analytics technology has been around for several years now, though businesses are still slowly gravitating to the automated solution for analyzing business calls. For many years, and still to a pretty big degree, call centers – internal our outsourced – have been analyzing calls manually by listening in and analyzing their real-time, and in some cases recorded, conversations with their customers. And while we’re all aware that call center conversations are monitored for quality purposes, speech analytics will take a conversation and analyze it through software; therefore automatically and in real-time…. Read more »