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Give The Sales Team A Competitive Edge With Vanity Numbers

One of the most difficult parts of being in sales is getting leads, and business owners are constantly trying to come up with new tactics to not only get leads, but to improve the quality of those leads. Business owners employ countless tactics, from running contests in their stores to sending out direct mail to an unknown group of customers. While these methods work on some occasions, they can often cost a company a great deal of money. Not to mention, they usually don’t offer your sales team any type of competitive edge.

The Vanity Number Advantage

Obtaining leads by implementing one of the many available vanity numbers offers your sales team a competitive edge unlike any other. When you use a vanity number, you have an excellent advertising platform. People remember vanity numbers long after they’ve first seen them. As a matter of fact, most people only need to come into contact with a vanity number once before it’s branded into their memory. Customers also equate vanity numbers with professionalism, putting your business on par with companies like 1-800-PETMEDS. In the eyes of your potential customers, you are already a leader in your field.

Ready? Set? Sell!

When your company uses a vanity number, your sales team won’t have to waste time thinking of ways to get leads. The leads will come to you, and they’ll be qualified leads. Your team won’t have to spend their time explaining your products and services to the people who call because they’ll already be familiar with what you have to offer. They’ll also be interested in what you have to offer, so a great close is often all that’s needed to secure a sale.

Each year time and money is wasted on getting leads with methods that just don’t work. Vanity numbers are a tried and true method of advertising that people recognize and that give excellent results. Isn’t time you made the switch?

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