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Improve Return on Investment: Marketing Clout of Vanity Numbers


Dealer Marketing tells us to not underestimate the power of vanity numbers. Why? They state there is an increase in customer recall rates in both visual and broadcast advertisements when a business uses a Vanity Number. They indicate it can be as simple as using a Vanity Number to improve the ROI of your business.

Don’t you want to improve return on investment for your business? Vanity numbers is the answer. Need more convincing? Keep reading!

According to Dealer Marketing, consumers show an 84% improvement in recall when presented with visual advertisements that include a vanity number. They remember Vanity Numbers better than other phone numbers. How can you pass that up? An 84% improvement? Think about how having consumers who can remember how to contact you will increase your ROI.

They also state that in audio advertisements, consumers will recall a vanity number nine, that is 9 times more than another number. 9 times is a huge advantage in ROI for businesses who use Vanity Numbers.

This marketing group also found that 65% of people can correctly remember a vanity number while only 31% can remember a non vanity number. Add that with the other statistics from this marketing group, and you can see that Vanity Numbers give a business an advantage over businesses that do not use Vanity Numbers.

How can you pass that up? an 84% improvement and 9 times more people remembering. That is an easy way to increase your ROI – using a Vanity Number.

Thinking you need to get that Vanity Number today? Thinking you don’t want to go another day without those statistics in your favor? Just contact us and we will be glad to help.



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