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Integrating the Latest Digital Marketing Trends With Time-Tested Traditional Methods

The days of physical signage and big roadside billboards have fallen by the wayside. At least, that’s what some people in the industry would like you to believe.

Ultimately, the best businesses can effectively integrate contemporary, digital marketing techniques — like websites and social media — in with time-tested elements like billboards to create engaging content that drives leads. If you’re hunting for some advice on how to improve your usage of these methods, we have some tips for you.

How Do You Get the Most Out of Your Billboard Campaign?

Practically anyone who has watched Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve can conjure in their minds the image of iconic digital billboards illuminating Times Square. While we might not be talking the same scale, it’s undeniable that roadside, digital billboards can catch the eyes of many passersby.

If you’re paying for space on one of these advertising tools, you should do whatever you can to get the best ROI for your ads. With that in mind, some additional lead generators that you can implement in your next design include:

Vanity Phone Numbers

We’ve all seen custom phone numbers for law offices, auto dealerships and many other kinds of companies. Some might call it corny, but many others would call it smart. Custom 800 numbers, also known as vanity 800 phone numbers, stick in the minds of potential customers. Consumer research studies have proven that these marketing tools can generate between 25 to 50 percent higher response rates to advertising campaigns when compared to numeric phone numbers, including toll-free and local numbers. If you need a reliable contractor to facilitate a custom number, 800response can easily handle that for you.

Custom URL

Websites drive a massive amount of traffic for businesses, as click-through rates (CTRs) often nestle themselves on the forefront of many companies’ marketing strategies. By using a custom URL attached to billboards and other advertisements, you can increase your CTR by as much as 39 percent. It also provides a simple, shorthanded way for people to remember where to go if they’re interested in doing research later.

Geo Fencing

Billboards have benefited tremendously from modern technology, and geo fencing is just one example. Many billboards will utilize data from mobile networks and other public information to create a virtual perimeter of sorts. Geo fencing sets up a predetermined set of geographic boundaries that will activate mobile advertisements when people open up certain websites and apps. By implementing this technology, your billboard can effectively duplicate itself into a handheld version, dramatically increasing its exposure.

How to Pair Geo Fencing and Vanity Numbers on Your Billboard

The pairing between geo fencing and vanity numbers can be an advantageous one. As previously noted, geo fencing can beam your designed advertisement onto mobile devices, which in this case primarily relates to smartphones. By using 800response’s call tracking services to create your own vanity number, you can subsequently place it on your ads and position your number as a useful one-click dial.

After all, your number will immediately be available through their phone, which means you increase convenience and, therefore, accessibility to your brand.

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