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Is Your Number Available? Try a Free 800 Vanity Number Search

There’s nothing easier for consumers than a business telephone number that is easy to remember. Business owners are understanding the importance of utilizing a vanity 800 number. A telephone number that is unique to your business and that is simple to remember offers a better chance of repeat customers. It also is beneficial for word-of-mouth business as consumers can easily tell their friends and family about your service and offer your phone number on the spot.

Since they are more likely to remember your number, they may have an easier time sharing your contact information.

What Should Your Vanity Number Be?

Many businesses use the name of their business as part of their phone number. It makes it far easier for repeat business if a customer has the number in the back of their mind verses the back of a personal phone book. In fact, statistics and trends indicate that vanity numbers make a huge impact on the ability for businesses to obtain and keep customers.

With that being said, it goes without saying that vanity numbers are being purchased at an alarming rate. If your business hasn’t yet realized the fantastic business results by using a 800 vanity phone number then you may want to jump on the opportunity to get the number you prefer.

Your Options When Looking for a Vanity Number

If you’re looking for a custom 800 number, your first inclination may be to look for a number with your business name. While this can certainly improve your marketing and branding strategy, it is not always the best option for a few reasons:

  • Your company or business name may be too long
  • Your company name may already be taken
  • Your business name may not provide any clues about what your business does
  • Your business name may not be catchy on its own

You have a few options if you need a custom 800 number and you run into these challenges. For example, if your business name is already taken, is too long or doesn’t provide the customer with any clues about what your business does, you can choose a different vanity number.

Options When Choosing Your Vanity Number

Rather than choosing a vanity number using your business name, you can use your industry. For example, you can choose 800-NEW-COMPUTER if you provide computer service or 800-NEW-HOME if you are in the real estate business. These can be especially great choices if your business name is your own name, and therefore wouldn’t provide enough information to customers to encourage them to call you.

In fact, these numbers may be easier to remember than a business name. They can also be catchier than many company names. For example, if you sell homes but your agency name is Smith, an 800 number with Smith doesn’t offer would-be homeowners many clues. A number such as 800-NEW-HOME is easier to remember and makes it clear what you do.

Another option if you need a vanity 800 number is to select a vanity number with a different prefix. While 800 numbers are most common, you may be able to get your preferred toll free number by choosing an 855 or 877 number instead. They work just like 800 numbers but are less common. If you do choose this option, you may want to invest more in marketing or advertising to ensure customers know your number is toll free and to make your number more memorable.

How to Find Your Number

Is your vanity number still available? Try a Free 800 vanity number search. By simply entering keywords that pertain to your business the system will search for available vanity numbers that match the keywords you’ve selected.

For example, if your business name is Tony’s Roofing you may want to search using keywords such as, “tonys roof” or “new roof”. Whatever keywords fit your business best and will be easy to remember are the words you will want to enter in the 800 vanity number search engine.  Your results will be categorized by industry. If your search did not produce acceptable results you can also contact an account manager at  1-800-NEW-SALE who can search our entire inventory.

For more information or for questions regarding your 800 vanity number please contact us.



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