Meet Your 2014 Inbound Lead Quota With a Vanity Number!

Meet Your 2014 Inbound Lead Quota With a Vanity Number!

As the New Year approaches, you’ve probably been working on 2014 plans, including marketing and advertising, and yes, of course, budgets. A general rule of thumb for a business is to increase goals, quotas and profits, year-over-year. Then, there comes the challenge of meeting those metrics throughout the year.

If your business, or your clients, rely on inbound leads to fill the sales funnel, then surely you use advertising and marketing to generate those leads. And, to help meet those metrics of more inbound leads, sales, and profits you need to stand out from the competition and communicate a clear, concise message.

Vanity Numbers Are The Call-to-Action

To stand out, and meet goals, using a vanity number as the call-to-action will keep your advertising campaign and message clean and effective. Yes, you will want to include your URL, but focusing on the inbound phone call is critical. More and more of our customers are telling us that they have more success and higher value for inbound phone calls versus inbound contact forms or web chats.

Why? Because having a live conversation is always more effective. Customers needs are addressed quickly, they can get immediate answers to their questions, and they form a relationship with your company and brand. As long as the sales and service they receive from your business meets their expectations, you’ll have a customer for life and a brand ambassador.

Plus, vanity numbers are proven to generate 25-50% more inbound phone calls as a result of being used in advertising campaigns. To realize the effect this will have on your bottom line, use our ROI calculator to estimate how much more in revenue you will see with a vanity number, using the average number of calls you get each month and how much a sale is worth to your business. It’s easy!

The Value of Inbound Phone Calls vs. Online Leads

Connecting with customers and building relationships is increasingly important in order for businesses to compete and survive in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace.

Most recently, social media is playing a large role in the communication channels between companies and their customers. As with a website, this is not always the best way for customers to interact with a company. Tracking a company’s promotions and special events can be done effectively on these social media sites but, they are not as user-friendly, or secure, when it comes to resolving customer issues as are live conversations.

Consumer preferences (90% according to an American Express study) of having live interactions with companies demonstrate that it is prudent for businesses to include a phone number in their advertising campaigns. Doing so ensures customer satisfaction, higher customer recall, as well as improved lead generation and quality.

Speak with us today to learn how our vanity numbers will help build your brand, bring in more valuable inbound phone calls, and help you meet those 2014 goals!




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