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Meet Your Client Engagement Specialist – Dawn Tremmel

Get to Know Our Employees

At 800response, we take pride in our Client Engagement Services, mostly because our CES team is made up of some amazing people. This week, we wanted our customers and readers to get to know Dawn Tremmel, who has been a Client Engagement Specialist since 2017.

We had a chance to ask Dawn a few questions about working at 800response and her life outside the office. Here are her responses.

What is your dream vacation destination?

Well, I already have this booked, so it better be my Honeymoon Sandals resort destination in St. Lucia! We had to cancel both our wedding plans and our honeymoon last March due to the pandemic. Luckily, we were able to have an outside wedding in June. But I was so bummed to miss our well-planned tropical vacation, especially right in the middle of a Vermont winter. So COVID better not mess up our plans…again!

Where did you grow up?

Rochester, New York, in West Irondequoit. I miss Lake Ontario, but happy to be living near a body of water currently. Lake Champlain has a lot to offer, and my house is within walking distance to one of the more popular beaches in the area.

What was your first job?

My sister moved here to Vermont from Rochester, New York to raise her family – along with my parents. So when I was in high school, I worked for my brother-in-law at his strawberry stand during the summers. It was a big farm stand on the main road, where lots of folks came to pick their own strawberries and buy homemade pies, jams, and everything strawberry. I loved it.

What is your favorite food?

Lobster, very buttery lobster. Not to sound a little like Bubba Gump here, but I love lobster rolls, fresh steamed lobster, lobster salad, fried lobster, you name it – it’s all AMAZING! My second favorite would be chocolate, but I can’t decide between dark, milk, or white. I love it all.

TV show or movie you are ashamed to admit you love

TV Show: Married at First Sight (Australia….okay actually all of them).

Movie: Money Talks (with Chris Tucker, Charlie Sheen, and Heather Locklear)! Chris Tucker cracks me up! I also love racing movies, so any of the Fast and Furious movies are great. Also, Step Brothers is hilarious, and always will be. Period.

What are 3 things about you that may surprise people?

  1. I take a Burlesque dance class in downtown Burlington, VT.
  2. I have 2 dogs, 2 lizards, and 1 dwarf hamster in my house.
  3. Biggest Pet Peeve: CRUMBS IN THE BED!

What are 3 words that best describe you?

  1. Stubborn
  2. Thoughtful
  3. FUN

Where do you want to retire to?

I’m scared of retiring! Regardless of who is President and what the economy looks like in the U.S., I feel as though I’ll need to work forever, or at least have a side hustle to guarantee some income. But if I had a dream retirement destination, it would be on an island far off the grid somewhere.

How do you like to spend time outside of work?

Being surrounded by all these trails and beauty in Vermont, I LOVE to go hiking and biking in my spare time. Since COVID shut everything down, I have been trying to do more outdoor activities. The main thing I can’t do anymore since the pandemic is DANCING! I love dancing, in all forms.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about 800response?

Our solutions can help ANY company regardless of the size!

Thanks to Dawn for giving us a peek into her personal and professional life. Stay tuned for more Employee Spotlight posts. In the meantime, be sure to check out all of the 800response products Dawn refers to above.

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