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Top 5 Must-Have Features in a Lead Generation and Tracking Solution

Choosing a Lead Generation and Tracking Solution

Lead generation and tracking campaign success are two of the biggest priorities for today’s businesses. Growing sales pipelines with qualified leads require a deeper understanding of your marketing performance. But with so many options for lead generation and tracking tools to help meet these priorities, choosing the best solution can be difficult. Here are the top five features to look for when considering a lead generation and tracking solution.

Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

When generating leads, toll-free vanity numbers are incredibly effective. Not only are they proven to be 14 times easier to recall than numeric numbers in advertising; but they also increase brand awareness. Memorable vanity numbers will help consumers remember your businesses when they need specific goods or services. Ultimately, this results in generating more inbound leads. Additionally, you can qualify leads easier when you get a vanity number.

Call Tracking Numbers

Call tracking numbers (local or toll-free) are ideal for determining which advertising campaigns get the best results. When you have hard data on when and where campaigns bring in more inbound leads, it can have a major impact on future marketing strategies. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you choose a solution that also provides call tracking reports.

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Call Tracking Reports

The more data you can extract from call tracking numbers, the better. When that data is presented in easy-to-read and manageable reports, you can use it more effectively. And in-depth reports, such as Consumer Profiles, can provide even more detailed information on callers, allowing businesses to obtain even more qualified inbound leads.

Advanced Call Routing

Businesses that have multiple sites or departments need to make sure every call reaches the correct destination. And having a solution with an advanced call routing system can provide this. Geo-based call routing can pinpoint the exact geographical location of the caller and connect them to the nearest office, which is especially useful for cell phone users.

Missed Call Alerts

Every call that comes into a business is a potential sales opportunity. This means any call that goes unanswered could mean lost money. A missed call alert feature sends a text or email immediately whenever an incoming call is not answered. This provides an opportunity to recapture that lead. With missed call monitor alerts, you won’t risk losing a potential sale again.

These features are some of the best ones to look for when choosing a lead generation and tracking solution. If you want to boost qualified inbound leads and improve advertising campaign strategies, use this information to discover which solution is right for your business. Better yet, schedule a custom demo to see what 800response’s lead generation and tracking solutions can do for your business.

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