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What’s the Difference Between Repeat Callers and Unique Callers?

Each call tracking number from 800response comes with 20 detailed call tracking reports to help our customers obtain valuable business and caller insights. Two of these reports—the Repeat Caller Detail and Unique Caller Detail—offer many benefits if you know how to use them. This post will explain the difference between repeat callers and unique callers, and how to use caller analytics reports to improve your advertising strategies and close sales.

The Difference Between Repeat and Unique Callers

Repeat callers, as the name suggests, are those callers who reach out to your business more than once. The Repeat Caller Detail report reveals which numbers were called multiple times within a specific time frame. It also tells you exactly how many times the person called, how long each call lasted, and the caller’s state of origin.

By contrast, the Unique Caller Detail report gives you access to all inbound calls within a specific time frame. This includes both repeat callers and callers who only contacted your company once. Those one-time callers are labeled as “unique callers” so that you can easily separate them from your repeat callers when making informed business decisions.

Repeat Callers Inform Advertising Efforts

Understanding repeat callers can have multiple advantages. For example, you can use the repeat caller reports to determine whether the repeat calls are a direct result of your advertising strategies. Are these inbound calls associated with a tracking number used in your digital ads, or are they part of a billboard campaign?

Carefully reviewing this information tells you which ads are effective and more likely to result in a qualified lead. However, repeat calls could be a result of an unresolved issue. In that case, the unique caller reports will be more useful.

Improve Call Outcomes with Unique Caller Reports

With access to the call recordings from each report, you can gain a better understanding of your employee-customer interactions. For instance, are your agents saying something to callers to convince them to call back? Was it superior salesmanship that lead to repeat business, or did the customer simply not have their issue resolved on the first call?

To answer that question, look at how long the call lasted. If a unique caller number seems to have a rather short duration time, that may be due to a few reasons. Either the caller didn’t receive prompt assistance, or your employee was unable to adequately help the caller. You can then use this data, along with call transcriptions, to inform strategies that lead to successful call outcomes. This will also improve your FCR (First Call Resolution) rates.

Repeat Caller and Unique Caller Detail reports are an efficient way to help inform advertising strategies, improve employee performance, and elevate the customer experience. No matter how many times a customer reaches out to your business, these reports give you the data you need to boost your sales pipeline and grow your revenue.

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