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3 Custom Reports to Boost & Convert Inbound Leads

No two businesses are exactly the same. That’s why your lead generation, tracking, and analytics tools should be customizable. At 800response, our solutions provide users with the flexibility to customize reports to meet their unique business needs. Here are just three reports from 800response that can be adapted to help you get more inbound leads, and turn them into customers.

Direct inbound leads to your business with Intelligent Call Routing

Whether you want to route calls to different locations or within the office, 800response has you covered. We can route incoming calls to the nearest office site based on the caller’s zip code or area code. We also offer geo-based call routing, which identifies the physical location of callers and routes them accordingly (very handy for cell phone calls).

Other call routing options include percent allocator routing, call prompt routing, and more. However you choose to route your incoming calls, we can help boost connection rates and inbound leads. We will also help you develop customized routing arrangements to meet your specific needs.

Use caller data that matters to you with Call Tracking Reports

800response provides you with 20 different call tracking reports for every single inbound call. This allows you to determine which data set will be most beneficial. For instance, if you wanted to see which ad campaigns were bringing in the most leads, you could consult your campaign summary report. Meanwhile, caller details and consumer profile reports give you valuable details on each one of your callers.

This information helps you determine your target audience and the best way to reach them. And each report can be organized by date range, employee code, call duration, and more. No matter how you use this data, these custom reports provide easy access to information that’s crucial to increasing inbound leads.

graphic of various custom reports for boosting inbound leads

Understand what callers want with Speech to Text Transcripts

Your callers have a lot to say, and 800response’s call monitoring tools help guarantee you don’t miss any of it. Our call transcription feature transcribes your recorded conversations so you can quickly search for keywords and phrases within specific date/time periods. But you can dig even further into conversations with sentiment analysis reports.

Our sentiment analysis feature detects particular tones and emotions during customer conversations. This report allows you to identify trends and patterns to uncover common customer pain points. Understanding your customers will ultimately help you make informed business decisions that enhance the customer experience. And happy customers are more likely to recommend you to other prospects.

Your business requirements are constantly evolving, so you need a lead generation and tracking solution that can keep up. That’s why these and many other features from 800response can be customized to grow with businesses of all sizes. No matter where your company is on the journey, 800response has the tools to keep you moving forward.

800response is a cloud-based, user-friendly Lead Generation and Conversation Analytics platform offering vanity and local tracking numbers and custom reports for any organization.

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