Memorable Ads for 2013

Memorable Ads for 2013: 800 Vanity Numbers Needed

Some of the most memorable ads for 2013, according to, are:

Dove: Real Beauty Sketches. They call this a top ad because it’s simple and centered around a core desire to be more beautiful through recognizing our own true beauty. So, you watch the ad, and realize it speaks to you. But, how can you contact Dove to ask more questions? You have to look up the number because they do not give a phone number in the ad. Yet, if they had an 800 number, 800-DOVE-BEAUTY, people might remember them more and enjoy calling to ask questions.

Extra: Extra has a commercial that has touched many hearts through the use of Origami. The emotional bond draws you to the ad and you remember the gum and might buy some. But what if you wanted to call them? Do you remember their phone number from the ad? No, there isn’t one. But what if they had an 800 number, 800-EXTRA-GUM? You would have a way to contact them and ask questions or order a case of gum.

Why not make your business ad memorable for 2014? Not only have compelling and memorable ads, but include a phone number that people will remember?

800 vanity numbers are that link to being remembered. The advertisement draws people in, gets their attention. The 800 number is what sticks in their minds and will be how they contact you. Then your business will be memorable, and what people talk about in 2014.

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