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New Year’s: New Vanity Numbers

The New Year is coming and it would be great for January to include a boost to your business. So, why not make a New Year’s resolution for your business? Make a resolution to get and use vanity numbers to increase the phone traffic connected to your business?

Why should this be your #1 New Year’s resolution for your business?

  1. 90% of Americans say they use toll free numbers.
  2. Vanity 800 numbers improve consumer recall rates by up to 84%.
  3. Over half of magazine ads contain a vanity number.
  4. Almost ¾ of billboards that have a phone number use a vanity number.
  5. Over half of consumers prefer to use a vanity number to call a business.
  6. Consumers recognize “800” and “888” as free.

Why do Americans say they use toll free numbers? Because they are easy to remember. Consumers report they associate numbers with products or businesses. Instead of having to remember a random phone number, the association moves the number from short term to long term memory.

Why do magazine ads and billboards contain vanity numbers? Because people do not read every word on a magazine ad or every word on a billboard. Individuals scan the if there is a random phone number, their eyes will not move that number to short term memory – it is lost. But, if it is a vanity number, the eye will see it while scanning and has a greater chance of remembering the phone number.

Why do people prefer vanity numbers? Because they are free!!!! People wanting to talk about your product want to do that without cost to them. So, free entices them to contact you.

Ready to fulfill your #1 New Year’s resolution and get a vanity number for your business? Then contact us today and let us help.



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