Quick Facts About Vanity Numbers

Quick Facts about Vanity 800 Numbers

Most mainstream business owners use toll free numbers to promote their organizations. The service has matured considerably over years, and today entrepreneurs can enjoy many additional features to boost their business and provide better consumer services.

Here are some quick facts to guide new subscribers about the basics of toll free numbers:

1. Difference between Toll Free and other Numbers:

Although toll free numbers can be routed in the same landline connection, these numbers are different from other numbers. These numbers are administered by a central toll free organization in which every toll free subscriber is registered. Another major difference between toll free and other landline numbers is calling charges. A toll free user has to pay for all incoming as well outgoing local calls. However, for long distance calls, normal calling charges would apply.

2. Toll Free Codes

Toll free codes or prefix is a 3-digit number which helps in identifying the vendor as well as domain of the call. However, the called party is identified by the 8-digit suffix. While subscribers are free to choose a suffix, vendors consult the toll free directory to provide subscribers with the list of available options. As most subscribers choose the name of their firm as the suffix, there are fewer chances of repetition.

3. Shared Custom Numbers

This feature allows advertisers to use a custom toll free number in different advertising markets. However, every call to this number will be routed to the specified subscriber. It means that you can public your 800 vanity number for the promotion of your business.

4. Area Codes

Many business owners wonder how a toll free number allows consumers to locate their firms. Area codes allow doing so. A toll free number with a specified area code can also serve the purpose of long distance promotion.

5. Codes Classes

There are a number of vanity number codes like 866, 877 and 888, but among all codes 800 is considered as the most sophisticated. High class entrepreneurs and renowned organizations subscribe to 800 numbers. This is the reason that 800 vanity numbers are slightly more expensive than other codes. But with an 800 toll free number you can quickly make your way to the list of high class business owners.

6. Repeaters

One of the most effective ways to increase the recall of consumers is subscribe to a repeater. Repeater is a number in which the suffix consists of 2 or 3 digits, repeated in a fixed patter. These numbers are extremely easy to learn and are usually used in online advertisements.

7. Multiple Numbers

If you have more than one location in the same market, then you can use the same toll free number but with different location code. Moreover, you can also give a call divert or voice mail list to the service provider. It means that if an incoming call is missed, it will be diverted to the other location.

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