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Toll-Free Vanity Numbers: Generate Positive Perception

Toll free numbers achieve more than just a line of communication. Toll free numbers are extremely popular in small and large companies alike. The reason for their popularity is better understood once we try to figure out how they provide a dynamic push to various businesses. Toll free vanity numbers serve an incredibly deep-seated purpose for the business apart from providing a means of engagement for the customer and the business.

Improved Perception

Toll free vanity numbers are there to stand out, but more than that, they have an aura of credibility and professionalism. They have high visibility and since they are free, consumers are more responsive towards inquiring about the services provided. Additionally, the old myth that they are best for radio and television marketing cannot be further from the truth today. Information is all around us, and apart from television and radio, toll free vanity numbers perform exceptionally well online. So their reach extends far beyond the traditional mediums.

People associate 0800 number with large organizations. Therefore, when they see a business with a toll free number, they assume them to be large and credible. The logic behind it involves the free aspect of the call. People tend to believe that if the business is doing well enough to provide a free of charge number for its customers, than the business in question is actually doing really well, and can afford to undertake the expense associated with customer acquisition.

Build a Brand

Have you ever noticed how advertisements in the olden days had a component of rhymes and patterns? People tended to remember the commercial and the jingle before they recognized the product associated to it. This is because we have this innate ability to remember patterns and rhymes much quicker than visual imagery.

Toll free vanity numbers play on this strength of ours, and improve your company’s brand image through association. Good vanity numbers that tie back to your company’s marketing strategy and will build recognition for your brand and help to firmly cement your presence within the industry you operate in.

Improved Recall

People have a hard time remembering numbers. In fact, most people struggle with numbers, period. Studies suggest numbers that exceed beyond five digits are hard to remember and the recall really drops further if the number exceeds the 7-digit mark. When we add words to these numbers, the recall improves drastically. If we add rhyming words along with numbers and market these toll-free vanity numbers with the help of the visual aid, the memory recall jumps through the roof. People tend to forget about the business, but do much better with remembering the toll free numbers.

Helps Gauge Marketing Strategy

Vanity numbers are not only easy to remember, but they are also extremely useful in tracking the success and impact of the marketing endeavors being put forth by the company. Toll free vanity phone numbers allow businesses to ascertain which form of marketing and advertising medium is useful, and is yielding the best results.

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