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Vanity 800 numbers Make Good Sense

If you listen to the news and the Internet, you might think the Internet is the only marketing tool you need. After all, who has a land line anymore? Don’t people just surf the Internet and purchase or conduct business online? Isn’t a webpage enough?

Yes and no. Yes, you need a webpage since the number of people using the Internet to find information is daily increasing. You need a webpage to give key information to potential customers.

And no. Not only do you need a quality webpage, but you need a way for customers to contact you. You could rely on email, or Internet forms. However, those can be slow. That means you need a phone number.

With your webpage and phone number, you need to cater to the smart phone user. From 2012 to 2013, the number of smart phone users to search the Internet almost doubled. These users want to read your webpage and click on a useable phone number. They also want a phone number they can remember. They might click on the phone number the first time, but if they have to research the Internet for the number, you could lose business. You want to make contacting you as easy as possible.

That means not only do you need a webpage with a visible phone number, you need a memorable phone number. You need an 800 Vanity number that represents your business. That way a customer will search the Internet, find your webpage, decide to call to ask a question or place an order, and then they will be able to remember your number for additional orders. That in turn can mean more business.

So, contact us today and let’s talk about vanity 800 numbers.