Vanity Numbers - A Marketing Solution

Vanity Numbers- A Business Marketing Solution

Businesses have been using toll free phone numbers to promote themselves for many years. There is no denying the fact that technology has completely revived the traditional means of trade and commerce, and today most businesses rely on online marketing. Despite this overwhelming reliance on technology, many business owners still consider traditional advertising methods like television and radio as imperative to their advertising success, especially when coupled with vanity numbers as the best direct response tool.

This is the reason that most American businesses rely on customized vanity numbers. Among all toll free prefixes, 800 is considered as the most reliable one, as it is one of the oldest prefixes and preferred by most mainstream business organizations.

There are a number of ways in which 800 vanity numbers can serve the purpose of an all-inclusive marketing solution

  • Improve Consumers’ Recall– Among all toll free numbers ‘800’ are the oldest. According to a research, 800 numbers can increase the recall of consumers by 70 percent. Vanity numbers, unlike normal phone numbers, are easy to learn, thus providing business owners an opportunity to increase their client base.
  • Promote Business– You can directly promote your organization or product using vanity numbers, bringing in 25-50% more calls, sales and profits.
  • Get Recognition– Most mainstream businesses use 800 numbers, so subscribing to an 800 number is one of the quickest ways to acquire the status of a high-class business organization. It not only makes it easier (and free) for your customers to reach you, but a toll-free vanity 800 number lends credibility and the image of longevity to a business as well.
  • Improve Services– Toll free numbers allow businesses to provide consumers with quality services. Studies show that organizations with toll free numbers have larger client base than other firms.
  • Learn Market Trends– There is no denying the fact that stiff competition has made corporate world extremely dynamic. With the increased interaction with consumers, you can keep yourself informed about the latest market trends and plan your business accordingly when you activate call recording services on your toll-free numbers.
  • Track your Business– With call tracking reports and other advanced tools you can track the growth of your business based on inbound lead generation.
  • Other Services– Advanced tools like, recording, monitoring and analytics allow business owners to improve consumers’ services and rectify flaws in their customer experience and call handling processes.

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