Vanity Numbers Will Win Customers

Vanity Numbers Will Win And Hold Your Customers

Vanity numbers are amazing advertising tools because they get potential customers to reach out to you by calling you. And, more and more, businesses are realizing that inbound leads in the form of phone calls are more valuable than online lead forms.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Vanity phone numbers help ensure increased ROI since these numbers are easy to recall and help promote the overall business. When your company is well promoted and your advertisements become more effective with these vanity numbers, your return on investment automatically increases. Estimate the ROI you’ll see when you advertise your business (or your client’s business) with a vanity 800 number.

Increased Retention Rates

With vanity numbers, your messages will likely stick in the minds of your consumers for a longer time. This is because, once the number is stored in the consumer’s long term memory, they start associating that number with your brand, and thus the messages you provide will be more effectively communicated and retained.

Increased Credibility, Response Rates, and Prestige

These toll-free numbers increase the credibility of the company, making it better known. When the company becomes well known, its response rates and prestige automatically increases, hence producing a more valuable outcome.

Instant Brand Identification

We customers memorize your toll free numbers, it becomes very easy for them to link that number with your brand, and they quickly do so as well. This leads to instant brand identification and top of mind recall which is what marketing is all about.

Customer Focused Image

These numbers help build a very customer focused image of the brand, since customers have an easy avenue to get in touch with the company and their services whenever they want. This also helps to let the customers know that they are the most important when it comes to their company.

Stronger Marketplace Presence

If you ever want your business to establish a stronger presence in the marketplace, these toll-free numbers are the best way to go about it. These numbers help to give an impression that you are a concrete, authentic, well established, and a long term business.

Increased Word of Mouth and Repeat Calling

Vanity phone numbers help to increase word of mouth and repeat calling. This especially happens when a certain company’s vanity number becomes instantly popular which leads to people speaking about it more and more, especially when the time comes to dial that number.

Improved Customer Service and Feedback

Customer service becomes better instantly with such numbers because with each call, you find out more and more about what the customers want and desire. This can lead you to device strategies that are better able to cater to your customers.

Increased Sales

With more and more customers calling you and giving you attention, you are likely to increase your overall sales, thus resulting in a more profitable business.

Your business can achieve so much with vanity numbers. All you have to do is be careful enough to device a suitable number that will have the potential to become an instant sensation.

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