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Want a Vanity Phone Number? Ask Your Marketing Department

Marketing Department meetingA phone number is just a phone number, right? It’s a simple combination of numbers that allows your customers (or potential customers) to get in touch with your business. While many may see a telephone number as just a piece of contact information, it has the potential to be so much more.

You can get a customized vanity telephone number that aligns with and compliments your company’s existing brand image. Once implemented, the vanity number can be implemented across multiple mediums and enhance current or future marketing efforts.

So if you’re considering a vanity number for your business, consult the marketing department. A vanity number is a powerful branding tool. Here are just a few reasons in case your marketing department (or the CFO) needs some convincing!

Vanity Numbers are Branding Tools

If your business has a vanity number, it has an invaluable branding tool at its disposal. Vanity phone numbers are easier to remember than numeric ones, which increases the chances of the public remembering your advertisements. If the vanity numbers are used across mediums including broadcast, out of home, and digital media the chances of the vanity number being seen and remembered increases even more.

Say for instance your company is an IT company, specializing in repairing personal computers. What do you think will resonate more with your audience – a generic phone number such as 1-800-555-5555 or a vanity number like 1-800-COMPUTER. You can showcase this branded number on your printed materials, on your fleet vehicles, and even as part of your business’s marquee. Over time, your business can become “the computer guys” as the phone number is easy to remember (which is especially important if your computer just crashed and you’re in need of some serious help).

It’s a Marketing Investment

No, you cannot get a toll-free vanity phone number for free. The only free part of the number is that the caller doesn’t pay a dime to make the call. However, vanity phone numbers should be considered an investment in your company’s marketing and advertising efforts. A cost-effective marketing tool, vanity numbers can be evergreen, meaning they don’t have to change based on the campaign. Your small investment in a vanity number can be used year-round, across all campaigns, and different advertising mediums.

Measure ROI with Call Tracking

Combining call tracking with your vanity phone number is a great way to measure the return on investment (ROI) of implementing a vanity telephone number. A lot of marketers are results driven, and want to make sure that their efforts are paying off in terms of bringing in leads and new customers. Depending on how you set up your call tracking for your vanity number, you can track incoming calls and segment the information by demographics, area codes and even more specific information such as if this caller is a first time caller. Many marketing departments pay close attention to the bottom line, so collecting data on your campaigns from call tracking can help improve to improve the overall ROI of your company’s advertising and marketing budgets.

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