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Bay Area Podiatrists Reduce Cost-per-Lead with Vanity 800 Number in Cooperative Radio Campaign

Client: A collaboration of five podiatry centers offers a new laser treatment for nail fungus. Locations are throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

The advertising agency they work with has 20 years of experience using vanity 800 numbers in their clients’ advertising campaigns. The agency continually appears on the San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal list of the 25 largest agencies in Santa Clara County, CA.

Background: A group of podiatrists and their advertising agency have put together a unique advertising approach, bringing together multiple podiatry practices to share advertising costs, increase incoming leads, and reduce their cost-per-lead.

Challenge: One of the podiatry centers was looking for a way to advertise on radio stations with the largest reach in the Bay Area, but it was cost prohibitive.

Solution: Join forces with other podiatry centers in surrounding markets to form a “1-800-NEW-TOES” group initiative. Develop a radio campaign and share advertising expenses and incoming leads among the five locations.

Results: The advertising agency pulled together four other podiatry centers in the Bay Area to collaborate on a radio campaign aimed at generating leads for each location. The radio spots run on the largest stations in the Bay Area and prominently feature the group’s vanity number as the response tool.

The agency partner has 20 years of experience recommending and using vanity 800 numbers in his clients’ advertising campaigns. “I’ve had success using vanity numbers in the past, and knew that this strategy of radio ads with 1-800-NEW-TOES would be successful for Neat Feet and the other centers,” he says.

“As a result of the radio campaign, each center now receives more incoming calls because the 1-800-NEW-TOES vanity number and the matching co-op company name are so easy to remember,” says the agency. The campaign drives listeners to call the vanity 800 number or visit the vanity URL, 800newtoes.com, which also lists the vanity number prominently on the splash page of the site. “The average close rate of incoming calls among the group is 55%,” says the agency partner, which is higher than the average conversion of Web visits.

“We use the tracking site to monitor the number of incoming calls and clicks they receive each week, and the resulting cost-per-lead. Call data is easily sorted by each location so we can keep a tight watch on the performance of our radio campaign, monitor the traffic to each center, and make adjustments to the campaign if necessary,” he says.

According to the advertising agency, “The collaboration would not have been possible without 1-800-NEW-TOES. The vanity number allowed us to brand the group with a unified name, share advertising costs, and generate more business for each center.”

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