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Vanity 800 Pitch Helps Agency Win Account, Boosts Sales for Skeptical Client

Client: Marketing Director – Eastern MO

Background: An ad agency account executive called 800response looking for a vanity 800 number for their client, the oldest hearing instrument dispenser in Missouri, despite the fact that the account executive had yet to pitch the prospect. The agency won the account and was still trying to convince the client to use a vanity number

Challenge: The client was skeptical that the company’s 50-plus-year-old target demographic would be willing to dial a vanity number.

Solution: The agency account executive convinced his client to sign up for a 30-day trial, with the promise of a full refund of the monthly service fee and no cancellation charges if results were not as expected.

* Client agreed to test 1-800-NEW-SOUND
* Client added 1-800-NEW-EARS and 1-800-NEW-HEARING

Results: “These vanity numbers have doubled my business!” reports the Marketing Director. He is sold on the positive effects of using vanity 800 numbers in his business.

“First and foremost for me is the tracking – I’ve been advertising for a long time, and until I started with this service, it was only guesswork as to which campaigns and media buys were working.”

“I use 1-800-NEW-SOUND for TV, 1-800-NEW-EARS for print and 1-800-NEW-HEARING for special promotions. The 10-minute infomercials are really kick-ass, because the number stays on the screen the entire time.”

“I’ve definitely made many changes to my campaigns and media buys after reviewing the online tracking reports. I can see which times are working best, which print buys work best,” he adds.

He continues, “The phone is very important because our business is mostly appointment-driven, not a lot of walk-ins. I’m able to do a lot of prescreening on the calls prior to setting appointments. This way, we have all of the information on what we need by the time we have the person in the office.”

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