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Dermatology Center Increases Revenues After Activating a Custom 800 Number!

Client: Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology practice with nine providers sees 3,000 patients each month.

Background: The entire staff at a large dermatology center believes in the “patient first” approach. The providers specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin, hair, and nail problems.

Challenge: The center’s administrator wanted a memorable phone number, and a tool to track advertising response rates to gain a better understanding of call patterns and trends.

Solution: Activate two vanity 800 numbers and produce new radio and newspaper advertising campaigns, substituting their local numeric phone number with vanity 800 numbers.

Results: Selecting 1-800-NEW-LOOK proved to be a smart business decision for the dermatology center. “The vanity 800 number with call tracking is the single most valuable service we use to increase calls and capture the results of our ad campaigns. Since using the vanity numbers in our ads, we are experiencing the best revenue months in history,” says the practice’s Administrator.

The advertising campaign uses a “free consultation” as the call-to-action and features 1-800-NEW-LOOK and 1-888-NEW-LOOK to track response rates. The Administrator considers the tracking reports a measure of “life and death” for their ad campaigns. “I now have the ability to monitor call trends and measure if people are responding to a newspaper ad for a new laser treatment, or a radio ad with a special price promotion.”

The Administrator also finds the Missed Calls report very helpful. “I reviewed the reports and was shocked at the number of callers who received a busy signal.” The practice immediately added two additional phone lines to eliminate that problem. According to him, “I never would have known that people weren’t getting through to us if we didn’t have the online reports.”

Prior to activating 1-800-NEW-LOOK, the dermatology center could not measure if their employees fully understood the services offered, or if they were responsive to their patients’ needs. The Administrator explains, “The call recording feature has guided our training programs so that we can ensure that the front line staff is providing the level of customer service we need to deliver and uphold our belief in offering ‘patient first’ service.”

For the practice Administrator, the vanity number has turned out to be a strong branding tool in his markets. “Unquestionably, 1-800-NEW-LOOK is key in making our practice stand out in a big way.”

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