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Cosmetic Dentist Uses Vanity 800 Numbers To Boost Bottom Line and Polish Telephone Techniques

Client: Central CO

Background: Dentist offers affordable dentures with the procedure done that day.

Challenge: The client was skeptical that the billboard campaign for his affordable dentures was working and was not going to renew his contract.

Solution: The Account Executive at the advertising agency suggested sniping in 1-800-NEW-TEETH to the existing billboard to boost response and track the calls.

Results: The dental practice received 50 calls in the first month so they decided to add 1-800-NEW-TOOTH and 1-800-NEW-DENTIST. Within thirty days the practice was receiving 100 calls per month, and they added 1-800-NEW-MOUTH to use on bus kiosks.

“Without the 1-800-NEW-TEETH number, the dentist would still be wondering if the billboards were working for him. With the tracking reports, there simply is no dispute.” The AE goes on to add “Now I have this client on the line for another market – his account is billing 380% more per month since we added the vanity number. And, I’ve sold him every one of our products.” Most importantly he adds, “this number has helped me do my job – I’ve made my client’s phone ring.”

The Dr. points out, “These numbers have definitely helped the bottom line. It sure is a lot easier to remember 1-800-NEW-TEETH when you’re going down the highway.

I knew the vanity number would bring in more calls – but I had no idea how helpful the call monitoring feature would be. We used the call recordings to sharpen our telephone techniques, learn to close on the call and convert more calls to patients.”

Conor says this vanity 800 number concept can be used successfully in any market – but there are three key elements: “Keep it simple, use a strong call-to-action, and tie-in an unforgettable vanity number that reinforces the message.”

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