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Vanity 800 Number Increases Response to Tv Ad Campaign & Brands Cosmetic Physician

Client: Marketing Agency and Cosmetic Surgeon – SC

Background: The physician at a cosmetic practice is well-known in her area – referred to as the “expert” on local television stations. She offers Thermage – “the lunchtime face-lift” and other non-invasive cosmetic therapies. The practice has been running television ads for several years.

Challenge: The marketing agency identified a missing link in their client’s existing branding campaign – a more memorable way for people to contact them. It became important to them to fill that void in the TV ads.

Solution: Break new television ads, leverage awareness of the doctor and include a memorable direct-response device – a vanity 800 number, unlike the competition that uses local phone numbers in their ads.

Results: Using 1-800-NEW-LOOK as the response boosting tool, the CEO of the marketing agency knew he and his client had an opportunity to leverage her existing brand recognition as a medical expert, expand on that awareness, and make her practice stand out from the competition.

According to the agency, “Since placing 1-800-NEW-LOOK in the TV spots my clients’ practice is experiencing significant growth in response activity. People are latching on to the number and are connecting to the physician with whom they already have awareness,” he says. The practice now receives higher response rates without changing or increasing their advertising budget.

The agency and their client monitor the campaigns’ response closely, and use the tracking data to monitor and adjust the television buys. He says, “The call tracking reports identify which television shows and times generate the most incoming calls. We can optimize our media budget and spend more advertising dollars on the stations and time-slots that generate the most leads for the practice.”

According to the agency, people are seeing the vanity 800 number in the television ads, remembering the number, and then searching online using 1-800-NEW-LOOK as the keyword. “We do heavy tracking of the TV campaign. The number is so easy to remember and appropriate for the service, that through our tracking we have detected people literally typing 1-800-NEW-LOOK into search engines to find the practice.”

The combination of the television ads and 1-800-NEW-LOOK are so effective that the agency recommended their client place the memorable number in their Yellow Pages ad for further branding – a true testament to their belief in vanity 800 numbers.

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