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50% of Incoming Calls to Custom 800 Number Become Sales For Health Insurance Broker

Client: Independent Insurance Broker – Southeast

Background: Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance broker recently moved to a new market. The company educates people of their choices and helps them navigate the process of buying the right health insurance protection.

Challenge: Enter a new territory and stand out from the existing competition.

Solution: Combine company name and easy to remember phone number aligned with the brand, to generate incoming calls and increase enrollments.

Results: The broker relies primarily on phone calls to generate the majority of enrollments for his insurance brokerage business. “I knew entering a new market would require the use of unique marketing tools to separate ourselves from other brokers in the market,” he says. The broker activated 1-800-NEW-HEALTH which matches his company’s name. The name alignment further brands his business in the marketplace and puts him in the forefront of consumers’ minds.

The independent broker recently placed a Yellow Pages ad in the local directory which displays 1-800-NEW-HEALTH. Incoming call volume tripled after the ad came out which is attributed mostly to the power of the vanity 800 number.

“When people call 1-800-NEW-HEALTH we are able to turn those phone leads into sales about 50% of the time,” the broker explains. “It is a complicated topic, and although people can get information online, it is easier for them to speak with an agent who can explain the details more thoroughly.”

He goes on to say that online leads convert to sales just 10% of the time in his business. “I like to give people immediate access to our insurance brokers so they can ask questions, and get enrolled in the right health coverage plan. Directing people to call our vanity 800 number gives us that immediate connection and puts us halfway towards a sale.”

The broker’s company is still young and growing. He will use the Call Tracking reports that accompany 1-800-NEW-HEALTH to manage lead information on callers and to effectively market to both new and existing customers.

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