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Doctor Uses Vanity 800 Number to Start Referral Business and Gain Market Share

Client: Physical Therapist practicing in the Miami area also runs a business that refers patients to other medical specialists and lawyers.

Background: Many times doctors and lawyers go hand-in-hand.
1-800-NEW-PAIN helps people connect to local personal injury lawyers and doctors.

Challenge: After monitoring the success of his main competitor in the market, the doctor knew he needed to get a vanity number for his business in order to compete and gain market share.

Solution: Brand his referral business as 1-800-NEW-PAIN, and use the vanity number as the company name and driving force behind his advertising campaigns.

Results: According to the doctor, he has been able to maintain a successful referral business as a result of using 1-800-NEW-PAIN to brand his business. “1-800-NEW-PAIN has definitely put me ahead in the market. My referral business has grown more in one year, since having the vanity number, than it had in the 10 years since I started doing this,” he says.

The physical therapist advertises mainly to the Latin community in the Miami area. In his opinion, it is necessary to have a vanity number to reach this demographic. “It is important to have a catchy number. As people see the number on our billboards, they are better able to remember how to contact us when they get home and need to call.”

In the past, the doctor used other vanity numbers and service providers, but they did not offer call-tracking services and advanced features. He explains, “With other service providers, I was not able to have a custom recording. With 1-800-NEW-PAIN, I have a personalized greeting, which is important in this industry, and I can differentiate the legal-related calls from the doctor-related calls as they come in.”

The doctor uses the call-tracking service to gain a general picture of his referral business. He can see the number of calls that come into 1-800-NEW-PAIN, learn how much time he is spending on the phone with patients, and see how many calls his business is missing. All of this information guides the advertising strategy to continue growing the business’ market share.

According to him, “In this business, if you are not advertising a vanity 800 number, you’re not going to grow.”

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