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Vanity 800 Number Gives Plastic Surgery Center a Competitive Advantage in a Top DMA

Client: Board-certified plastic surgeon, running a state-of-the art surgery center in Pennsylvania and their advertising and marketing consultant.

Background: Plastic surgery is a service that spans all age groups and makes for a wide target audience. It is also an emotional decision for people; one that involves tremendous thought and research.

Challenge: Gain an advantage over other plastic surgery centers in the area, and reach people who are on the fence with a life-altering decision.

Solution: Use a vanity 800 number in their advertising to set a professional appearance and stand out from the local competition.

Results: Plastic surgery services like Botox and augmentations are considered a luxury. “We want future patients to feel like they are being treated appropriately, and that starts with their first impression,” says the consultant.

1-800-NEW-IMAGE is part of the marketing mix to set a heightened first impression of the plastic surgery center. “Using 1-800-NEW-IMAGE sets the tone from the time a person starts researching the facility, to when they call for more information,” she explains.

The number, 1-800-NEW-IMAGE also sets the center apart from other surgeons in the market, and serves as an added tool that future patients can easily remember when it’s time to dial.
Before activating the vanity number, the center was using their local numeric phone number to advertise. The consultant says, “Not only was the local number hard to remember, but it did not relay the emotional and caring aspect we want to communicate to people.”

“By using 1-800-NEW-IMAGE in our ads, we are making it easier for potential patients to feel comfortable with our client as a professional surgery center, which is crucial for men and women when making a decision this significant.”

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