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Pain Centers Bring in 20% More Patients Each Month After Activating a Vanity Number

Client: Leading pain center with eight locations.

Background: Dealing with chronic pain can be very challenging. This multi-location pain center understands this, and works with patients and their family members to minimize and overcome the barriers created by pain.

Challenge: Create a brand that is easily remembered.

Solution: Use the vanity number as a cohesive branding tool for multiple clinic locations.

Results: To make an appointment with one of the pain centers’ locations, calls are routed to the company’s main line and then directed to the scheduler at the appropriate location.

The company uses 1-888-PAIN-CENTER on their marketing materials, including newsletters and promotional items. They also have a weekly online television show that also highlights the vanity number.

Prior to using 1-888-PAIN-CENTER, the pain clinics used one local numeric phone number in marketing and advertising materials. Once they began using the vanity number, they started seeing approximately 20% more new patients each month.

According to the Director of Business Development, “We see about 800 new patients each month. We can track roughly 150 of those new patients as callers dialing 1-888-PAIN-CENTER.”

He explains, “The vanity number – 888-PAIN-CENTER – is an opportunity for us to brand our clinics. The service is inexpensive for the value we get in return. Even if we only signed up two new patients each month, it would more than pay for the service.”

To monitor the call traffic coming into 1-888-PAIN-CENTER, the Director of Business Development refers to a suite of call tracking reports. “When I first logged into the online reports, I was blown away by the number of new callers we were receiving. Using the reports, I can monitor the markets and area codes our callers are coming from, and see how many first-time callers we receive in any given period of time.”

This type of call data allows the business to monitor precise details, such as how many calls come in after a live broadcast of the online television show. This will prove very useful as the company looks to expand their broadcast portfolio to include cable television.

“Being able to utilize 888-PAIN-CENTER makes it easy to market our number not only to patients, but also to physicians. After experiencing the lift in new patients, and attributing a significant portion to the vanity number, I’d certainly recommend a similar strategy to other businesses.”

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