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1-800-NEW-SUNROOM Shines for Sunroom & Windows Dealer and Increases Ad Response Rates
“Call volume has definitely increased overall - nearly doubled since we replaced our local number with branded custom 800 numbers in advertising.”

Client: President – WI

Background: This home improvement corporation relies on incoming calls to schedule appointments for their sunrooms and replacement windows. The company was revamping their marketing materials and looking for a clever direct response tool.

The company’s President attended a national dealer meeting where he learned about Custom 800 numbers and accompanying tracking reports.

Immediately after the meeting he activated two Custom 800 numbers;
1-800-NEW-SUNROOM and 1-800-GET-WINDOWS.

Challenge: Increase effectiveness of marketing materials to generate more incoming leads.

Solution: Use an easily recognizable direct response tool in all marketing materials.

Results: The President of the company reports that incoming call volume has “definitely increased overall – nearly doubled” since replacing their local number with branded Custom 800 numbers.

He uses a variety of media to promote his products; television, outdoor, direct mail and soon will be adding radio to the mix. The company has seen tremendous results with their television and outdoor ads.

“Typically our yard and vehicle signs did not generate much response, if any, when they displayed our local number.” By replacing the local number with a memorable Custom 800 number they started receiving more calls from these outdoor ads. “We now see a regular stream of calls coming from our yard and truck signs,” he says. This is true for both the window and sunroom products.

“Having 1-800-NEW-SUNROOM was also very useful for our television advertising,” he goes on to say. “The number generates immediate response after a commercial airs, and the tracking reports give us insightful data to measure time slots that pull versus ones that do not.” The company’s President explains that they use the response analytics to adjust their advertising mix depending on response.

He concludes by saying, “The volume of calls coming in on 1-800-NEW-SUNROOM and 1-800-GET-WINDOWS more than justifies the costs. I recommend other dealers activate a Custom 800 number to use in their advertising.”

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I can’t say enough about this team! We tasked them with a unique project and they delivered beyond our expectations. Amazing people with a true heart for customer service. I can’t thank them enough for everything they do for us.

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