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Weight-loss Clinic Uses Vanity 800 Number as Brand Positioning and Direct-response Tool in Ads
“With a vanity number, we can tightly track the campaign's performance and deliver optimal results for our clients.”

Client: With over 10 years of experience, this weight-loss clinic specializes in custom-tailored solutions that always put the patient’s best interests first. The doctor was voted one of D Magazine’s Top Bariatric Doctors four years in a row and is at an all time high for the number of surgeries he is performing.

The advertising agency the weight-loss clinic works with delivers strategic solutions that push beyond the ordinary, exceeding client expectations. They have been working with the weight-loss clinic since 2006.

Background: Competition among weight-loss surgeons in the Dallas area is intense.

Challenge: Execute and track an advertising campaign that has both branding and direct-response components.

Solution: Secure a vanity 800 number that aligns with the positioning of the clinic, and allows the agency to track response rates and media performance.

Results: A Principal at the agency has been using vanity 800 numbers with his clients for years. According to him, “If we are executing a lead-generation or direct-response campaign for a client, it is highly encouraged for them to have a vanity 800 number. With a vanity number, we can tightly track the campaign’s performance and deliver optimal results for our clients.” For the weight-loss clinic, 1-800-NEW-SELF has enhanced their brand positioning, “Lose weight. Gain YourSELF,” and delivers a consistent number of incoming leads from their outdoor and television advertising.

The agency uses Real-time Call Tracking reports to monitor daily call data and match incoming leads to specific advertising initiatives. “We modify our clients’ media buys based on the call data. Using the tracking data, we learned that the TV campaign gets better response during certain dayparts vs. others. With that information, we switched the media schedule to run spots during the times where it is proven to deliver more calls.”

From the perspective of the agency, “We have a limited amount of time to engage the consumer, so we need to make our advertising simple and memorable. Vanity 800 numbers are easy for people to recall, and when it ties into the brand – as in the case of 1-800-NEW-SELF and the clinic – then we are positioned for a successful campaign.” For the advertising agency, “Vanity 800 numbers are part of our planning process, especially for our clients who execute direct-response initiatives. These tools enhance the memorability of a campaign, and they get better response than a 10-digit numeric phone number.”

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I can’t say enough about this team! We tasked them with a unique project and they delivered beyond our expectations. Amazing people with a true heart for customer service. I can’t thank them enough for everything they do for us.

Erin Carmona, Best Dental