Testimonials Archive - 800response


I can’t say enough about this team! We tasked them with a unique project and they delivered beyond our expectations. Amazing people with a true heart for customer service. I can’t thank them enough for everything they do for us.

Erin Carmona, Best Dental

800-NEW-HONDA is a great number and you guys have done a really nice job developing the backend of the call tracking dashboard – it’s laid out really well and real intuitive.

Darrin Roth, Director of Operations at David Hobbs Honda

This is the most incredible service ever. And it’s so easy. One time I emailed some companies – totally cold prospects – saying I had 1-800-NEW-VISION and 200,000 listeners. Within just a few minutes, the phone was ringing. 800response is a beautiful thing.

Cory Cuddeback – Agency Partner

I highly recommend using a vanity number to any dealership that is looking to build their brand and their image. I consider it a must-have.

Dealership General Manager

We’ve definitely seen a spike in the number of calls that come in as a direct result of our radio spots. By prominently featuring the vanity 800 number in our ads, we have a much better indication that the number is working to drive calls to our stores.

Dealership GM

Every day, our 1-800-ROOF-PRO number reinforces the credibility and professionalism of our company when people see the number on our vehicles and signs. And, it is more memorable than the local number we were using before.

Home Improvement – Owner

Our 1-800-NEXT-WINDOW number has made a huge difference in our business – doubling our monthly installations and catapulting us into the top ten performing locations.

Home Improvement – GM

We’ve surpassed the goals we set for ourselves by 200% once we made the move to using multiple vanity numbers in our advertising.

Director of Marketing and Admissions

The benefits of using a vanity 800 number with tracking and recording are huge. We were receiving between 350 and 450 calls per month. After activating the vanity 800 number that increased about 70%, to 600 to 700 calls per month. We now know that we are getting the maximum potential out of every ad dollar spent with the tracking reports. And, we are able to train and run our admissions department more effectively utilizing the recorded calls as training tools.

Education – Executive Director

We use a vanity 800 number to help create brand recognition and provide an easy way for our patients to remember who to call when they need healthcare.

Healthcare – Director of Marketing and Advertising