Switching to a more memorable response tool in our radio ads, where people cannot see or write down a numeric phone number, has improved the response rates to our campaigns. And, we’ve been able to maintain a lower cost-per-lead and allocate our budgets more wisely to maximize patient recruiting efforts.

Healthcare – Director of Global Recruitment

Vanity 800 numbers are part of our planning process, especially for our clients who execute direct-response initiatives. These tools enhance the memorability of a campaign, and they get better response than a 10-digit numeric phone number.

Partner – Agency Principal

I have happily been a partner with 800response for many years now. The sales team does a solid job at activating and maintaining customers on my toll-free numbers. I am consistently impressed by their professionalism, transparency, and overall partner relationship.

Barry Beschel, Owner of Vanity Toll-free numbers & 800response Partner

We recommend that you include a strong call-to-action on your billboard, and your ad will deliver impressive results. A vanity 800 number is always easier for people to remember and dial. And call tracking provides monitoring and analytical tools to measure a campaign’s performance. Digital billboards using a Custom 800 number aligned with a client’s brand will create lasting awareness and response.

Partner – Outdoor Agency VP and GM

As an agency, our job is to create successful campaigns for our clients. The combination of the radio ads and a phone number, that is easy for people to remember, brought it all together and boosted call volumes from an average of 57 calls a month, increasing every year to an average monthly volume of 385 calls per month (directly from advertising). By increasing their call volumes, we’ve done our job.

Partner – Agency Vice President

There is no better lead than speaking to someone. Conversation is the best tool to selling a car. That is why I love the vanity numbers and push them for all of my clients.

Jerry DeFalco, President/CEO of Jerry DeFalco Advertising