Be Memorable with Vanity Numbers

Be Memorable and Increase Response Rates with Vanity Phone Numbers

As you are driving down the road, which license plate do you remember? The one that says AH 78430, or the one that says MYCAR? We all remember MYCAR instead of the other one! In fact, we probably stop to actually read the license plate that says MYCAR instead of the other one? Why? We are drawn to the words that make sense.

As you are driving down the road, which billboard will you remember? The one that has five sentences, a 10-digit phone number and a URL address, or the one that says GET A NEW FORD TODAY. Call 1-800-NEW-FORD? We all remember the FORD billboard because it’s short and to the point. We can remember it. We probably didn’t even bother trying to read the other billboard.

In all your marketing, what is the most important piece of information? Your web address, your address, and your phone number! You want people to contact your business – you want people to find you! Which of those three is the easiest to market? Your phone number is the shortest, and can be the most memorable? How?  Use a vanity phone number.

Choosing a vanity phone number is an important step and we want to help you, so please contact us. Let us see if we can help you find a vanity phone number that is similar to your web address. Then you double the possibility of individuals remembering your contact information.

For example: If your current web address is, what about this vanity phone number – 800-NEW-CARS? The web address and phone number are related and will create an association for individuals.

Talk to us about using vanity phone numbers like this to increase the availability of your business and increase response rates.



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