Choose a Number to Suit Your Business.

Choose A Vanity Number To Suit Your Business

Humans are competitive in nature, and this shows through when companies and businesses scramble to get the best vanity numbers for their businesses. Businesses compete for customers. To establish themselves in the memories of their prospective customers, it is important for them to have the most easily recognizable and distinguishable vanity number that will resonate with customers and help a business stand out from their competitors.

To pick a number that relays what a business is offering is of utmost importance. This way, customers can associate the phone number with what they’re looking for and make a simple connection in their memory. One cannot just pick a number and expect it to draw the same results.

Here are some tips that can help you align your business objectives with a vanity number that represents your business.

Your Vanity Number Should Correspond To Your Marketing Strategy

Vanity numbers are great provided they are chosen with care. These unforgettable numbers are a good way to reassert the branding and marketing campaign your business is pushing for. If you are a flower vendor, but have a vanity number (or worse, a numeric toll-free) that does not relate to the nature of the business, it will defeat the purpose of having a vanity number all together. There should be synchrony between the businesses, the number, and the marketing strategy. For example, 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-NEW-

Make Sure It’s Easy To Spell

The whole point of vanity numbers is that they are easy to remember and create a positive and direct association with the business and the services the business is trying to sell. And, that they are easier to recall. But, what is the point of having a catchy and concise vanity number if the anagram itself is hard to remember, and there is a chance your prospective customers or information seekers may misspell the spelling. In other words, remember the incorrect number. As a rule of thumb, try not to use any number that if mentioned on the radio would be hard to differentiate a spelling, for example 800-NEW-ROSE.

Remember, vanity numbers are a key component of the overall marketing strategy, so remain vigilant and wise when it comes to choosing your vanity number. To find the perfect vanity number for your business, search this online directory or contact us today – we’re here to help!