Vanity Numbers: Increase Ad Responses | 800 Response

Get Optimal Advertising Response with Vanity Numbers

The Proof is in the Research!
Market research studies show that consumers have higher recall rates of vanity 800 numbers when they are used in advertising:
• Advertisers can expect up to 84% improvement in consumer recall using a vanity 800 number in outdoor and print advertising vs. a numeric toll-free number.
• Consumers are 9x more likely to recall vanity 800 numbers in broadcast ads vs. numeric toll-free numbers.

Television Advertising, Toll-free & Vanity Numbers:
• 82% of phone numbers in TV ads are toll-free.
• 64% of toll-free numbers used in TV advertising are vanity toll-free phone numbers.

Radio Advertising & Toll-free Numbers:
• Radio ads featuring a vanity 800 number yield 58% more calls than an identical radio ad using a numeric toll-free.
• Almost 60% of study subjects recall a vanity 800 number after hearing only one time.

Billboard Advertising, Toll-free & Vanity Numbers:
• 75% of the total toll-free numbers used on billboards are vanity toll-free numbers.

Remember these stats when you’re developing your client’s next advertising campaign!

Visit for more research studies conducted on the effectiveness of vanity 800 numbers in advertising.



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