Things to Consider when Choosing a Number

Things to Consider when Choosing Available Vanity 800 Numbers

Choosing a vanity number for your business can help you establish your brand, making it more recognizable to your customer base. When it comes to choosing available vanity 800 numbers, there are actually several things to think about besides just a cute slogan. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a vanity number in order to make the most out of your selection.

  • Not all toll-free numbers are equal. When people think of toll-free numbers, they tend to think of those with an “800” prefix first, followed by 888 and 866. If the vanity number you desire isn’t available in the 800 prefix, think about whether you would like to use a different one or select a different prefix instead.
  • How will your number sound in marketing campaigns? Practice saying your number out loud a few times to see how well it rolls off your tongue. Record yourself saying it and play it back so you can listen to how it sounds as well. You might just find that the number you thought was ideal doesn’t sound as good as you had hoped when spoken.
  • Does your number spark action? Using numbers that spell out “Call ABC” or “Go XYZ” can actually encourage people to take action, and can be more effective at helping you draw new customers than numbers that simply spell out the name of your business.
  • Can your number be confused with someone else’s? This is important, as you’ll want your number to be distinct if it is to help people identify your company with it. Do a search of similar numbers and then compare the results to make sure yours is truly unique.

When it comes time to find a new vanity number for your business, 800response is there for you. To find out more about how vanity numbers can help you grow your business, contact us.