Use Customer Service Analysis to Improve Advertising

Understanding Your Advertising Efforts Through Customer Service Analysis

Advertising your business can be extremely costly, yet, the most important aspect of your budget. Without advertising the public would not know about your business and what you have to offer. Without customers there is simply no business. Advertising can also be hit and miss. There aren’t any guarantees that the dollars spent on advertising will bring in customers. The key to successful advertising is targeting the right audience. The solution to finding the right customer base is by performing a customer service analysis.

By knowing which marketing efforts are most effective at generating sales your advertising budget can be spent on more secure prospects rather than pure guesses. With Real-time Call Tracking reports and Call Monitoring tools you will be able to obtain details on each caller. You will know exactly were your callers are located, when they are most likely to contact you and what advertising initiative brought them to you. Having this information will not only allow you to concentrate your advertising efforts where they will be most effective, but will also allow you to review what advertising efforts are wasting your advertising dollars.

Since a rational amount of your sales will be spent on advertising and marketing it is a good idea to use a system that will allow you to perform a customer service analysis.. Knowing what marketing method and what geographical location is most effective at generating leads and sales will help you spend your advertising budget wisely. Having an 800 vanity phone number will help give you the edge to successful marketing and advertising for your business.

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