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Use Unforgettable Phone Numbers & TV Advertising To Reach Audiences

The day after Super Bowl LI, many people were talking. There was certainly discussion about the unprecedented game, with the New England Patriots making sports history by coming back from a 25-point deficit in the second half to win in OT against the Atlanta Falcons. Those who had decided to go to bed early were more than likely kicking themselves the next morning.

But there was something else people were talking about the next day (other than Brady’s missing game shirt); something that’s discussed after every Super Bowl, no matter the events of the game: The commercials. The commercials aired during the Super Bowl have evolved into an institution almost as well-known as the event, itself. Actually, it may have surpassed it.  Searching for “Super Bowl LI commercials” online can yield over 20 pages of results the following day!

Super Bowl Commercials are when companies bring their best to the table, knowing millions of people will be watching that one night. But what makes these commercials so memorable isn’t the night they’re aired; it’s the medium they use: television. Television advertising offers unique advantages that can be utilized any day of the year. Advantages such as:

unforgettable phone numbers in super bowl ads

Television Connects People Emotionally

Television lets advertisers connect with people on a deep level, allowing the advertisement to stay with people long after it has aired. In fact, most people could probably call to mind commercials from years past that evoked certain feelings in them. From laughter and intrigue to sadness and even anger, television commercials can bring out a variety of emotions and become imprinted on people’s memories. This is because TV advertising allows businesses to tell a story that has the power to draw people in and make them more emotionally involved than other mediums, particularly digital. Honestly, when was the last time you heard anyone even mention a particular digital advertisement they have seen? The emotional timbre of television commercials means they have a far more meaningful effect on audiences, which can have a meaningful effect on businesses and their sales.

Television Allows for More Innovation

As this year’s Super Bowl commercials proved, television can bring out true imagination and innovation in advertisers, which can have an impression far beyond just one night during a football game. Decades later, people still talk about Apple’s “1984” ad, and if you said, “This is your brain on drugs”, most people would probably call to mind the image of a frying egg. These and other commercials are so memorable because they weren’t like other advertisements; they presented something new and different. And with today’s technology, businesses can create television advertising that is even more groundbreaking. If people view your commercials as something new, exciting, and different, they will see your business that way, too.

How To Make The Most of TV Ads With Unforgettable Phone Numbers

Television gives companies the chance to create advertising that can have truly profound and far-reaching effects. And when a strong call-to-action is added (like unforgettable phone numbers), that impact becomes even more powerful. Be sure you use television advertising to make an impression no matter what day it is!

View sample TV ads with unforgettable phone numbers used as the call-to-action, and check out some case studies from businesses that use these powerful response tools in their TV advertising campaigns.

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