Why Calls are Better Than Texts

Why Telephone Calls Are Better For Business Than Texting

Telephone communication may be slower than its new-media counterparts, but it still has benefits in an increasingly impersonal world. The telephone call, which connects a caller with a human voice, is still an important business component.

Here is a short-list of why the phone is more effective and successful at conducting business:

1. It provides an immediate connection to build rapport.

2. If the person you’re calling doesn’t answer, you can leave a detail message – you’re not restricted to the time it takes to type out a message on a phone, or a measly 140 characters to tweet.

3. There is call tracking data available on phone calls, which helps businesses make better strategic decisions, analyze the business environment, and so much more.

4. Phone calls can be recorded and played back at any time.  And, they can be analyzed for business insights with simple and affordable audio mining technology.

In fact, today there is an article in the Wall Street Journal about the importance of using telephones to communicate, even in today’s digital-obsessed world.

You decide for yourself and your business, which is the best way to reach your customers, and for your customers to reach you.

Texting or social media, which could involve waiting for a response, limited framework to explain a problem or answer a question, and exposure to the entire world.  Or, the telephone.  A quick, inexpensive way to have an immediate conversation, solve problems, work through issues, and make an old-fashioned connection.

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