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800 Numbers for Small Businesses: Quick Guide

While there are plenty of 800 numbers for small businesses to choose from, many small business owners have yet to make the switch from a local numeric number. Toll-free numbers have many benefits for your small business. They help ensure that prospective customers can easily contact you. 800 numbers also provide an easy way to track your ads to see which ones perform best. Additionally, you can advertise with a vanity 800 number to boost brand awareness and your profits.

Yes, you can do all of that with an 800 number. If you’re thinking of getting an 800 number for your small business, this quick guide will help you get started.

Do You Need an 800 Number for Your Business?

Why would you want to use an 800 number for your business instead of a regular number? There are many reasons to use a toll-free number. For one, it’s free for your customers to call. Secondly, when you advertise with an 800 number, you will get the best possible results from your advertising dollars. Most 800 numbers come with call tracking, allowing you to track the performance of your ads and improve your campaigns.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you need an 800 number for your small business. To help you decide, let’s look at the benefits of using an 800 number.

Benefits of 800 Numbers for Small Businesses

While there are many benefits of 800 numbers for small businesses, the obvious advantage is that an 800 number makes it easy for customers to contact you. When a business uses a regular 800 phone number with a local prefix, potential customers who are not in that area code may hesitate to contact the business.

Another benefit of 800 numbers is that they can help you boost sales. Yes, that’s right. Simply by using a toll-free 800 number, you can increase your profits. Your goal here is to get people to call your business. And with an 800 number, you will increase your calls and inbound leads drastically simply by making it easier for customers to reach you.

How to Choose an 800 Number for Your Small Business

Choosing an 800 number for your small business is fairly straightforward once you’ve chosen a toll-free number provider. When you work with 800response, we will help you get the perfect toll-free number for your business – whether that’s a vanity number or a numeric toll-free number. You’ll have a wide variety of 800 numbers to choose from since we provide shared-use toll-free numbers.

What Are Shared-Use 800 Numbers?

Shared-use 800 numbers are used by multiple businesses across the nation with each business controlling the phone number within their territory. That’s because call routing allows any business to route calls based on the geographic location of the caller. Most 800 number providers can route calls by area code and/or phone number exchange, county and/or zip code, or closest business location to the caller.

Can I Get an 800 Business Number for Free?

No, you cannot get an 800 business number for free. The only free part of the number is that the caller doesn’t pay a dime to make the call. However, toll-free phone numbers should be considered an investment in your company’s marketing and advertising strategies.

A cost-effective marketing tool, 800 numbers can be evergreen, meaning they don’t have to change based on the campaign. Your small investment in an 800 business number can be used year-round, across all campaigns, and different advertising channels.

Are there Additional Fees with My 800 Small Business Number?

The answer to this depends on the vendor. Additional services and features vary with different vendors. Call or consult the service provider’s website to learn about the charges for various features and services. Choose the services that suit your business needs. For example, if you own a small catering business, caller analytics will help you understand your ideal customers. However, make sure you understand which features come with your new 800 business number.

How Do I Get an 800 Number for My Small Business?

You can easily get an 800 number with 800response! Not only can we help you set up an 800 number for your small business, but we can also show you how to use all the call tracking and caller analytics tools that come with it! Please contact us any time so that we can help you get the best results possible no matter what type of small business you run.

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