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Five 800 Vanity Services- Get an Intelligent Calling System

Vanity numbers not only provide subscribers to promote their business with an easy to remember and customized contact number, but also provide them an opportunity to adopt an intelligent calling system. While many new subscribers opt for basic packages, additional features like call monitoring, reporting and tracking increase the ease of business management.

Additional features vary with different service providers, but you should choose the service provider which offers services that match your business requirements. Here is a look at some of the smart services provided by 800response that can help you improve your consumer services:

1. Call Tracking

With the real-time tracking system, you can keep yourself infirmed about all the incoming call routed on your vanity number. You can easily view the pattern of callers’ traffic and incoming calls density online and keep a track of your business growth. You can use this real time information to do following tasks:

  • Identify the advertising strategy which increases consumers’ traffic on your toll free number.
  • Keep a track of the busiest and the most profitable business days.
  • Improve the benefit to expenditure ratio and ROI.
  • Store callers’ information and maintain a consumers’ database.

2. Call Recording

Call recording allows business owners using the original messages of consumers to improve customer care services. During busy hours you can record customers’ calls and get back to them later. Entrepreneurs can use this feature to retain their client base. This feature also allows recording the responses of consumers and business owners can use these reviews for planning business strategies.

3. Advanced Routing

Call routing provides business owners an opportunity to use customized routing tools for managing various business braches at the same time. This feature is particularly helpful for complex business owners, or those who have store branches in different locations. You can choose the routing technique according to your business needs. Following are some of the call routing methods:

  • Location based call routing.
  • Zip code based call routing.
  • Prompt routing.
  • Customized menu routing.
  • Exchange based call routing.
  • Call density allocator

4. CallFinder Speech Analytics

CallFinder is an innovative call analytics tool which allows using voice commands to search a particular call recording. You can conduct a customized search and find the call recording you are looking for within no time. All you have to do is speak those phrases or words, which you are looking for. CallFinder allows users to sort calls according to the messages contained in them, for example, feedback calls, complaints, reviews and queries.

5. Call Reports

Call reports are generated to keep entrepreneurs informed about their business growth. You can call reports to compare your growth graph with the previous one. In this way you can pinpoint the areas of weaknesses and work on them. Graphically demonstrated reports also help in identifying unwanted or spam calls, thus eliminating the need of a separate intrusion detection system.

For more information about other features and service charges when you activate an 800 vanity number with us, contact us or speak with an Account Manager at 1-800-NEW-SALE.