How Vanity Numbers Show You Care | 800response

Increase Response Rates by Letting Customers Know You Care

One of the primary goals any business has for its ad campaign is to increase response rates. Having an 800 number tells your customers right away that you care about them and in a time when customer service is a major competitive advantage, that number gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition.

A Vanity 800 number also puts your customer at ease about the cost of their call. All kinds of new area codes are being introduced around the country, often resulting in consumers unsure of where their call is going and how much it will cost. These concerns usually end in lost sales. An 800 number reassures them that the cost is free and the call is simple. Most people know 800 numbers and “toll free” are synonymous. That explains why 800 numbers are so much more effective than the newer 877, 888, and 866 exchanges.

Customers realize that an 800 number means the company behind it stands for great customer service. Most people will see the fact that you have offered them a convenient, thoughtful, easy to remember number as a sign of your prestige. If you are kind enough to go the extra distance to make their lives a little bit easier, then you rank among the top customer service oriented companies in America.

Don’t delay,contact us now and start down the easy path to increased customer response. The small investment you make will more than pay for itself in the influx of new and loyal customers you’ll find through having a Vanity 800 number.



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